Delving Into The Time Capsule of the House

Mum had had it with that cabinet in the corner of my room yesterday and she finally did what she had to do. Between the two of us, we managed to clear out that deceptively little space which we had ignored and left untouched for the past two decades or so. Out came years and years of things,¬†many many things that we’d received or used or simply could not bear to throw. Mum called it hoarding, one of those weird fetishes of my Dad’s. It was a fascinating experience for me to uncover all those which had been ‘hoarded’, little momentos of life which had been picked up throughout the years and casually stuffed into the back of that cabinet for appreciating at a later time(this, more often than not, never happened).

The store cabinet had inadvertently become a sort of time capsule for the family since we moved in.

Most of what we found inside were unused Christmas presents from gift exchanges, intact in the boxes they came in. These included various plastic and ceramic mugs, leather wallets which had begun peeling from disuse, three sets of body lotions with accompanying teddy bears, a large pink scented candle in the shape of a present, four bottles of wine (how is there wine in my room without me knowing??) and something like 101 photo frames.

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Thoughts on The Fault

A dear friend of mine took me out today for a bit of a girly date to catch a whiff of the latest trend, John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.¬†Both of us have never read the book and we went out really as a consequence of spare tickets from her sister, but we were curious about why people were raving about it.

I think it is safe to say we weren’t both exactly the types that were ‘on the ball’ regarding what was hot and happening. She’d actually missed out on the latest Disney global phenomenon, Frozen! To her credit, she caught Maleficent¬†while I prided myself with catching on the whole Divergent rage.

So yes, we went partly to keep up with the rest of the world and take a break from our own (obviously) too-limited range of literature. We were suitably warned that it would be a tear-jerker and had a good hunch someone in it was going to die.

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