Black, White and Grey

There is black, and then there is white and somewhere in the middle there will be a grey.

In fact, if you’ve been in this world long enough, you’ll come to realise there is a lot of grey involved.

There will always be grey but there cannot be grey without black or white. Grey cannot replace either one.

As a child, most of us have been taught black from white and not at all of grey. We have been taught to right from wrong and choose what is right, simply because it is (and then be subsequently patted on the head for being good). We were taught to be ‘good’ and rightly so. We just weren’t taught what was grey. Continue reading “Black, White and Grey”


Go on a Technology Fast

Technology Fast

Get up aboard a train or a bus or even just at the stations and bus stops. Just look around.

Count the people absorbed with their phones and/or iPads. And then count the people who are doing absolutely nothing at all.

Chances are almost everyone is plugged in or preoccupied with some sort of technology. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, is hooked to the little lighted screen in their palms. There will be people playing these absolutely mindless games on their phones and iPads. There will be people responding to 100 messages on their 10 different Whatsapp groups at the same time. There will be people mind-numbingly scrolling through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And there will be the TV junkie watching episode after episode of their Korean or Taiwanese dramas.

Don’t get me wrong, I think technology is wonderful. It really is so super efficient and it takes communication to a whole new level. But while it does this, it takes a lot more out of us than we thought. We give it so much more than we think we do. And it scares me.

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