Thoughts Behind the Wheel

The thoughts of a would-be driver. Welcome to my head. I know that more than one of you would be thankful I’m not licensed yet. Talking to you bro HA.

Concentration concentration. This is a game of concentration. 


They should make a little dent in the head rest of the driver’s seat so that drivers with ponytails can lean back comfortably and not have their heads jutting out like turtles.

Ooo, I’m so good at parking already. Such a boss.

On the crank/S course: Turning…ever so slowly… do not hit the curb do not hit the curb do not do not do not aaaaannnd yesss! Whew, made it out. So elegantly. Never again. (This applies every time I park)

Emergency braking: Ow….Whaddya mean my technique’s wrong??? I stopped the car!

Making a U-turn: This is taking forevaaa, them cars won’t stop cominggg. Oh no, there are cars behind me. Please don’t horn at me please please please IT’S NOT MY FAULT THEY WON’T STOP COMING.

Why are there so many road constructions?

Oh, it’s drizzling. *beat* Which one is the windshield wiper again?

Filtering/Changing lanes: (Pleeaase) let there be no cars. I can do it so well when there aren’t cars. Believe me.

Approaching a traffic light: Please stay green please stay green please stay green.

When a good song comes on: I LOVE THIS SONGGG *floors the gas*


Getting into the car is still my favourite part. Or maybe I just like to do it so suave to show off to my still-underage brother.

Get into the carrr, adjust the seat, strap on the belt. START THE ENGINE (like a boss). Check the road conditions, SHIFT THE GEAR TO ‘D’, RELEASE THE HANDBRAKE AND DRIVE.

You must think me a sad soul to be so turned on by turning on the car. (Ha see what I did there?? Ha ha. Ha. Ok nevermind)


I never noticed how I do a lot of hopeful begging when I drive. Wow. Haha.

Didn’t plan to say this but since I’m here I might as well.

I’m sure I speak for all learner drivers out there when I say: Please be kind and gracious to us! Do remember you were once like me (somewhat…more or less…)

We aren’t as skilful as you are, we’re just trying to get from point A to point B without being hazardous to anyone! Your patience is much appreciated and will be rewarded as responsible future road users!

Thank you thank you thank you.


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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