Thoughts on Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/Something Happens

I watched this Indian movie in film class this week called Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998) directed by Karan Johar starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Rani Mukerji. It’s basically what my lecturer calls “the Indian version of Grease” and I absolutely agree with what little knowledge I have about Grease.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998)

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is about a college stud, Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan), falling in love with the new student, Tina (Rani Mukerji) and inadvertently hurting his best friend, Anjali (Kajol) in the process because they’ve been best buds for years and Anjali has just realised that she is in love with him. When she sees that Rahul loves Tina, she moves away and Rahul and Tina live happily ever after for a while until Tina dies during childbirth. She gives birth to a daughter whom she names Anjali and writes her daughter letters so that little Anjali might grow up and reunite Rahul with Anjali. So that’s what little Anjali does 8 years later when Anjali is just about to get married to a long-time suitor, Aman (Salman Khan).

Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul, the college stud…
…falls in love with Tina, the new girl, played by Rani Mukerji…

…breaking his BFF Anjali’s heart played by Kajol
They were such BFFS. I could see the love cliche coming miles away although Tina as Rahul’s love interest was never a doubt. To be honest, I doubted the Rahul/Anjali idea more.
So little Anjali, played by Sana Saeed, comes to the rescue!
At last at last, Rahul sees Anjali in a new light (long hair does wonders)…
…and they finally fall in love and live happily ever after.

I liked how it was a realistic love triangle. By that I mean, Rahul picked one girl, Tina, and Tina loved him right back and allowed Anjali to leave even though she knew Anjali liked him. And she did it in a not-mean way. She wanted to back out of their friendship but she didn’t, for herself. And I liked how Anjali didn’t go all “you ‘other woman’!” because she saw that Rahul didn’t think of her romantically then.

And I loved the ‘oh no, someone’s going to get hurt’ overhanging feeling of dread during the theme song which really means “something, something has happened (in my heart)” even though it’s so happy and everyone’s spinning in their own world of bliss. (Here, watch this. I INSIST YOU WATCH THIS THEME SONG OF BLISS) Besides, Rani is so pretty here ❤

I liked Anjali the tomboy in the first part of the movie. It’s a character I can relate to and it’s so sad when she tried to dress up like Tina and failed miserably. She got more lady-like later on which allowed Rahul to see her in a new light (it must be the long hair) but I liked her tomboyed. I also liked Rahul more in the first half. He kind of got wimpy towards the end. I mean, he didn’t even stop Anjali’s wedding! It had to be Aman to see the love and tears in Anjali and Rahul’s eyes (although they weren’t saying anything) and be the big one to let Anjali out of their marriage. And all this happened not because Rahul stopped the wedding and confessed his feelings for Anjali. It happened because Aman did it based on his insightful interpretation of tears. Kudos, Aman.


Rani Mukerji

Omg, she’s so beautiful, I just cannot. Even in the opening scenes when she was in the hospital, dying, with Shah Rukh Khan at her side, I was already “Omg, gorgeous.”

I confess I might be biased towards her because she reminded me of my other great movie star love, Carolyn Jones. You probably recognise Carolyn as Morticia Addams from The Addams Family (1964) and yes, that’s where I fell in love with her too.

Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams from The Addams Family (1964)

So to me, it was like seeing Morticia/Carolyn in a whole new setting, a high school with other teenagers and falling in love and everything. It’s every fan’s dream to see their star revived and immortalized, especially so for Carolyn’s case since Carolyn died from colon cancer at 53 (oh too soon). And for some strange reason, the Addams Family show was cancelled after 2 seasons so that’s just sad.

To be fair, Rani is beautiful in her own right and I really really loved her as Tina. She took only the first half of the show but it was flawless and I really have to fangirl about it now and get it all out somewhere so here goes.

If you did watch the theme song of bliss up there, I just loved her in it. She’s so beautiful

And I absolutely loved this scene:

Sigh. Can we say ‘perfection’?
In your face Rahul hohoho
Absolutely loved this scene. So much feels in this love triangle.

This part is the bit in the movie where Anjali tries to dress up and gets laughed at by everyone but Rahul and Tina comfort her. I just love the bit of Tina angst where she wanted to leave Rahul and Anjali as they were but Rahul grabbed her before she could.

The moment Rahul grabs her. So prettyyy

Thought she also looked especially like Carolyn Jones in this clip.

The best is still the first time Rahul met Tina. Just at about 2.36 (since I couldn’t find the clip with English subtitles). Thankfully the best lines here are in English. So Rahul is telling Anjali how he’ll know it when he finds “The One” and Anjali is like “puh-leeze”. Then Rahul meets Tina whom Anjali has been tasked to show around on the first day by the principal. Rahul calls the principal a “grouch” among other things when he tries to talk Tina up and leaves Anjali no opportunity to explain that the principal is Tina’s dad…at least until the principal shows up.

Just love the glam shots of Rani there. Omg gorgeous ❤

Anyways, I thought Rani really did a pretty good job. Could be a biased observation but I did like the depth she brought into the character of Tina even though Tina’s character was a little limited. So since she was limited, Rani went deep with her and I really loved it.

And a Meg reference:

Meg from Hercules…


      …Meg in real life. Boom. Mind blowing.

And a young Morticia Addams:

From Morticia’s Romance

I actually went to watch some of her interviews and decided that she also looks like Emmy Rossum. When she smiles. Which she doesn’t do much in this show but yeah. FYI.


Smiley Rani and Smiley Emmy Rossums. Just thought they look pretty alike.

Ok, I’ve come to the end of my bit of fangirling at long last. I’m surprised I didn’t put more of Rani’s photos. When I was Googling her I was like “Omg must put this in, and this and this and this.” I suppose most of the shots I liked are already in the youtube links so. Watch em!

In addition to inducting Rani Mukerji into my Hall of Lovely Movie Star People, I do intend to find some time to learn 3 of the songs from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai because they’re so addictive and the tunes are really funky. This song is stuck in my head! No, don’t ask me what it means, I have no clue. And Tina’s dress here is so short. I remember worrying about it riding up when she was dancing and all. Like seriously. It just barely covers what it needs to cover.

I shall find some time after exams to do all that and go dedicate a post properly to Carolyn Jones/Morticia Addams. I was also fangirling over her for quite a while and I just read a really sweet fanfiction about Morticia and Gomez Addams. Haha all the Addams love.

Alas, I must leave now to complete my various essays on The Merchant of Venice and Huckleberry Finn and Emily Dickinson. This post took a while. Haha I can imagine Sam…”You are too freeeee.” Hahaha. Ok I’m going to start working hard now.

See yaz!


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