Runaway Thought

It is very difficult to need to study a text that talks about the meaninglessness of life when there’s so much meaning and purpose in your own to sympathise with the author.

Guess who has to study Samuel Beckett’s Endgame for her final exams~ Lucky me.

The most…non-drab version of Endgame I could find. At least it’s in colour. The others were mostly in B&W to portray the bleakness of everything and nothing.

Endgame… is basically about nothing, the nothingness in life, the end of it that hasn’t completely ended yet…I think. I can’t tell. I’m probably too shallow for this stuff. Because I’m too busy living life which I find has meaning and purpose, y’know.

I don’t know if I should try to put myself in Beckett’s shoes to better study for this. And if I decide I must, it will be a very very sad process. Truly depressing.

I don’t want to empathise with his view on how meaningless the world is. I don’t think it’s meaningless and I don’t want to make it out to be meaningless. Good grief. This is the guy who said he didn’t want to have children because life itself is sad and he doesn’t want to put anyone through it.

-.- look at my face, Beckett.

The only two characters I like (out of the four there are) are Nell and Nagg, the old parents who live in trash bins (yes, you read that right). I just find them kinda cute. In a morbid-ish sense of things.

Nell and Nagg in their bins

I liked this dialogue. I thought it was funny and that Nagg and Nell were the most…not crazy. Their conversation about nothing goes on and on though. It’s kind of mind-numbing.

(Nagg knocks on the lid of the other bin. Pause. He knocks harder. The lid lifts and the hands of Nell appear, gripping the rim. Then her head emerges. Lace cap. Very white face.)

NELL:What is it, my pet?(Pause.)Time for love?

NAGG:Were you asleep?

NELL:Oh no!

NAGG:Kiss me.

NELL:We can’t.

NAGG:Try.(Their heads strain towards each other, fail to meet, fall apart again.)

NELL:Why this farce, day after day?(Pause.)

NAGG:I’ve lost me tooth.


NAGG:I had it yesterday.

Hahaha. Two sad cute old people.

“Why this farce, day after day?” is the only quote that sticks to me. It’s another one of those quotes I use in real life, say, for homework. Ironically, for studying Beckett now. Hohoho.

Ok I shall stop procrastinating.

Go live a life and love it ok.



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