When you love someone but it goes to waste…could it be worse?

Time and time again , I’ve said that I don’t care, that I’m immune to gloom, that I’m hard through and through.

But every time it matters, all my words desert me, so anyone can hurt me.

And they do.

So what happens now?

Call in three months time and I’ll be fine, I know. Well, maybe not that fine, but I’ll survive anyhow. I won’t recall the names and places of each sad occasion, but that’s no consolation, here and now.

You won’t care if they love you, it’s been done before.

You’ll despair if they hate you, you’ll be drained of all energy.

Don’t look down, it’s a long long way to fall.

Borrowed lyrics from my shuffled playlist as my thoughts. Maybe I’ll explain this some time in another post. Or not.

Who’s really keeping count?


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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