A Kind of Quiet

What’s it called

When you feel like

Sinking to the bottom of the sea

Floating, suspended

With all that water around you

The sun playing lights, fairy lights

The moon silvering the cool, dark, deep

The whole world quiet

Save for the bubbles from your lips

Or just lying in the snow

Drifting down like a dream,

Stacking up in inches, then in feet

Burying you in fresh cold

Flakes of white, hiding you in plain sight

The whole world quiet

Save for the clouds you make so lightly with a breath

What of rolling down a mountain green

The sky gold, then inky, studded with hopes

Caressed by a warm summer breeze

Scented by the flowers, gentle friends

Lying by a gurgling stream, a lamb at your feet

The whole world quiet

Save for Nature’s own sweet song

Or simply taking flight

Up, up, into the sky

Not too high to feel lonely

Not too low to be seen

Just up, and a little further

The whole world quiet

Save for the voices below

Maybe a conductor of an orchestra

With your hands in the air,

Cautious then comfortable

then passionately driving

Not knowing where the music is going

And after it all ends,

When your heart’s still beating fast

The song echoing in the silence,

The glimpse of a lovely dream

Fading away,

You open your eyes,

In what feels like forever

To see that you’re

Right where you started.

Are there no words?

For feeling like a blank page?

Clean and pristine, brimming with potential

Or being the quiet in the ocean, or snow,

the middle of nowhere?

Where were my once beautiful thoughts

My many, many thoughts

So deep and wonderful to think of?

So deep and wonderful to think?

What am I without thoughts?

Can there be feelings without them?

Why so apathetic? Where’s that spark

the light and fire?

Where are you?

If this be the start

 some new beginning

where I need to be


then I shall be

I shall remain

A kind of quiet


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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