So my room mate said something surprisingly profound while I was griping about how my essay was not coming along. She said:

“Don’t ask me. I have many thoughts but no opinions.” 

That is all. 


Oh well, as tragic as that sounds, it kind of describes me. Which explains my sticky essay situation. 

It’s not that I don’t have any opinions. It’s just that, as of now, I don’t have one about my text. 

Somebody give me a thesis on Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy already. 


4 thoughts on “Muse

  1. When you can see things from all points of view it does make it hard to take a solid stance on something. How can anyone be absolutely sure about anything?

    1. I feel obligated to warn you how long my reply will be because I absolutely relate to this. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. Honest. Ok. Here goes.

      It definitely makes you consider and reconsider the ideas and opinions you grew up with or formed based on your experiences thus far when you see so many different points of view. And it really makes you think and question about what other people are saying based on their experiences, what they are putting out there and what you can take away from that. This is something I’m still getting used to, sifting through all the voices from so long ago which have persisted till today.

      So yes, it’s hard to take a stance on something with so many pre-existing opinions. But when you do decide on a stance after considering all these various points of view, then your stance will be a strong one which you can defend. And if you come out of all of it without a (firm) stance, don’t be too hard on yourself. I suspect that there are some things in life that don’t exactly require a stand. If nothing else, just come out of better informed about what people are saying and why. It can be really interesting. For me, at least, I have strong stances for things I’m passionate about and have no opinions on other things.

      I think there are areas in life where we can’t be absolutely sure about anything depending on what the issue in question is. That’s why I feel that reading helps me because it gives me so many scenarios and plays out so many “what-if”s so that I can learn from the experiences of these characters (There’s a whole other argument about how accurate such characters can be but I’m nott going to start on Plato hoho).

      Having said that, it can get confusing when people say so many different things and to some extent, dangerous because, well, people’s thoughts aren’t all exactly safe. Then that’s the part that depends on you as the reader to discern what you should keep and what you should put out of your mind. That’s the hard bit because to discern, you must have a base line of what you already consider to be wisdom to know what to keep and what to leave.

      Personally, I take the Bible as my basis of wisdom and standard of what’s truth and right (since I believe God is the creator so it makes sense to me to follow his operational manual and it doesn’t change so) and I’m still learning how to react to and reconcile the many ideas about God and Life from my many many readings for school. (Ahem ahem Boethius…) I’m not admittedly the deepest thinker around so all these texts are pretty exciting, my mind has never worked so hard.

      In a nut shell, I guess the important things are
      > to hear as many people out before making any hasty judgements
      > to allow yourself to change stances if and when you change your mind due to new input. Nothing is cast in stone and it’d be silly to cling onto something just you don’t believe in anymore.
      > To have your own standard of wisdom so you know what you’re looking for. Standards of what you consider to be wisdom can and does change with experience but I’m sure there are one or two values that are part of who you are by now, what you believe in.
      > To pick your battles. You’ll face opposition too no matter where you stand soo choose your battles wisely. (Sound like some wise old wizard on the start of some epic movie) Some things aren’t worth it. Then again, what these things are are based on your priorities.

      Thanks for writing to me! Really made me think a bit. They’re really great questions. Sorry for the long reply. Hope it helps somewhat. 😀 Please keep writing to me, either a comment or an email if you’ve got any other thoughts! I love stuff like this. Life is much more exciting with all these thoughts zipping around. Grows your mind.

      And oh yes, take me with a pinch of salt 😉 Reading 101

      1. What a considered response! 🙂 Are you studying philosophy at the moment?

        I didn’t mean I don’t have opinions. I just mean that even the opinions that I feel very strongly about, I sometimes doubt and wonder about and question.

        It’s also possible that your friend has thoughts and opinions, but rather he/she didn’t feel inclined to share them. Then again maybe not, but I know I hesitate to share sometimes.

        I agree with Plato that, ‘I know that I know nothing’ and the more I learn, the more I feel that there is so much I don’t know. But reading about philosophy is like falling into a black hole. It enlightens and confuses me in equal measure!

        Good luck with your thesis. 🙂

      2. Haha I’m actually studying English Literature in the U but I’m most flattered that you think I study philosophy! 😀 We have a fair share of rather philosophical readings, though, like our Classical Literature mod. That’s pretty much how I ended up dabbling with Boethius and Plato this semester. It’s all so Greek. Last semester’s American Literature was pretty thought-provoking too. 🙂

        It’s normal to question and doubt ourselves from time to time. I think doubts are a good sign to show that you’re thinking deeply about something. It’s the addressing of these doubts that grows the mind, to come out of it having learnt something, either to strengthen your current opinion, keep other alternatives in consideration or adopt another opinion entirely. It’s something I should spend more time on too. I’m mostly a bum on doing my own research and ironing out my doubts.

        Yes, I’m certain my friend does have her thoughts and opinions, but as a psychology student, she has no idea what I’m ranting about when I wave Boethius around in desperation hahaha 😀 And yes, I can also be selective on sharing my opinions depending on my audience.

        Absolutely agree that philosophy like a black hole. Sometimes, it feels like I’m learning something I know but never actually sat down to put it in words. Most of the time though, philosophy seems almost circular, learning of new ideas but never really getting anywhere after all that consideration! That’s what I think anyways. Maybe I’m just the kind of people who won’t get philosophy.

        Haha thanks so much! Hope I’ll be able to churn out something mildly intelligent hoho 🙂

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