That’s Good Enough For Me

All I want to do 

Is hide in a corner

Fold my arms

And cry my essay away

Tears don’t come easy for me

I’m more of a 

yell-into-the-pillow sort

But if I could I would

Practice crying an ocean of an essay

Let it melt into a puddle

And jump

If you hear the odd sigh

Or the stray moan

Sometime for the next thirteen days

Don’t be too alarmed

They are simply

The groans of my heart

Creaking under its load

An essay is

A well crafted labyrinth

Where the easiest way out

Is mine, my way

And all the other ways

Are malleable enough to challenge

But taut enough to keep

Now I’m lost

In my maze

The threads too thin

So easily dashed

If you just lean a little

To the wayside 

It all comes apart

Into pieces

There is no clear way out

You kind of just forge one

By hacking through

This tangle of threads

Yet this man made jungle

Is just another grey cloud in the sky

There are other battles 

In another war 

Which demand more than tears

Whether they be

A little woven work of words

Or a large field of sowing, of reaping

I am not alone,

You are always with me

And that’s good enough

That’s good enough for me. 


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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