Hot Tears

Hot tears

Because I’m still the fool

I thought I got wiser

But it wasn’t enough

Down on one side, two sides, three

So old, a decent amount of years

But still the same fool

I did it because I wanted to

Really wanted to

Not because I thought it showed for something

Or won me brownie points

It didn’t matter to me

If I got a little less to eat

Or walked a longer way

It seemed so small when it was compared

But I definitely didn’t do it

Out of


Horrid word

How did love become taken for


I regulate

I really do

Then why does it always always 

Blow up in my face

Will I never be wise enough

To know what to do

What not to do

It’s been so long

Had my share of bitter burns

Then why am I still

The fool?

Will I ever not be this fool

Tell me

Tell me that I won’t remain so

I’m half sorry it became all about me

That I couldn’t wait till

After Easter

Doesn’t feel like it anymore

Easter, that is

Give me the night

And I’ll give you what’s left of me

In the morning

It won’t be much

And I wouldn’t want to give you leftovers

But hopefully

It’ll be more than before

And for the one who loves me

Too much not to chide

Such a thankless job

Whatever you say

Prunes me

Always painful but always true

It hurts

And you miss here and there

But thanks anyway


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