And all at once I’m back in Eden

By the once-blessed tree

A fine thing of beauty, a gift

I had poisoned, I had cursed with a bite

The charming shadow slithers by

Winding it’s familiar way up as if I were a friend

And I was once, wasn’t I

And I was an enemy, wasn’t I

Already he is dripping honeyed words

Bitter layered with sweet

Pain coated for pleasure

Evil hiding good

Death taken for life

All these so hauntingly familiar

Heard them so many times

Believed them too

Surely he did not say you couldn’t… but it feels so good, it feels right…it is a good and beautiful thing, why shouldn’t you enjoy it… it doesn’t harm anyone, no one knows… he wants you to be happy, if this makes you happy, why not…no see, if you did this then it would be wrong but this, this isn’t all wrong…

The restless slip of a forked tongue

Flickering incessantly between scaly lips

Once upon a time, they were my thoughts

They had become mine without me knowing

Maybe it’s not so bad… he really didn’t say I couldn’t… I’m just enjoying what is good…

We both sounded the same I couldn’t tell us apart.

Now, I stare straight ahead

I’d heard all these before

I know what they are


They killed me once, twice

Over and over

Yet, my itching ears delights to hear them

My foolish foolish body wants to believe them again

In the garden a battle is raging

Flesh and Spirit vying for the Soul

The sword, the sword, I reach for it

Fiery, sharpened with words of truth

My Lord and I, we’d spent time to sharpen it

Daily we’d sharpen it

I wouldn’t have known when I’d need it

But I was not ready to fall, armed

Simply because it was blunt

I hold it up now, flashing, alive

Only truth can burn so bright

The serpent masks its flinch

As I read from it, beautiful words of life

He tries and tries again

And I read and read

He puts up a fight, he knows what to say

But so do I, because My Lord gave these words to me

At last he leaves me, his backward glance

A knowing, sour look

We will meet again

I collapse for a bit,

Struck down but not destroyed

Eden shivers and fades

But I know it’s only a matter of time

I pick up my sword, faithful friend

Clean it and begin to carve again


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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