It is apparently my one year WordPress anniversary today. Wow. Not bad. It did almost die this month though, hahaha. This is the first post for June. For some reason, I felt like checking back on my WP today even though I was practically offline the whole month and when I got on, WP notified me that I published my first post one year ago. It’s like fate or something. Man, it seems like a lifetime away.

So I just spent the past two hours reading myself over the last year, just to do my ritualistic weeding of “what was I thinking when I wrote this” posts. It’s a habit of mine, even back when I had a pen and paper diary. I would rip pages of them out because I couldn’t bear to read my entries, they were so bad. Just awful. Couldn’t stand myself. Shudder.

Well, I went through all 54 of my posts and quite surprisingly, only weeded out 2. I re-read those which I did consider trashing and was amazed that they didn’t sound as bad as I remembered. So I ended up keeping them. Yay me~ Quite proud of my efforts at journalling for such an extended period of time. I invest a lot in every post and I think it makes a difference. So much more readable and so meaningful too.

I was rather absorbed in reading all my feels this past year, my ups and downs and everything in between. It was an eventful year, to say the least. Survived my first year of university, got my driver’s license, lost some old friends, made some new ones. Pretty happening stuff.

New things are starting up lately too and I think it’s time to start this writing thing again! Quite excited. So many updates hohoho 🙂