Do You Know

I wondered if it would hurt

So I tried


Do you know that

I can’t write your name



Just a little


It’s not a long name

As short as ‘love’

As sharp as ‘pain’

But my pen stops short in the middle

And to finish it…

To finish it is a trial


I look at it

And feel a twinge, a slap

The sharp bite of a glass shard

The sting of a whip


These are times

When I find it easier

Much much easier

To have faith

In things unseen


It still hurts

And maybe that’s good

Maybe it will never stop

At least in this lifetime


But I won’t let it cripple me

I have mourned

Long enough

And I have been comforted


I can’t, I won’t stop here

Too many things to be done, to do

You are His, so am I

In that I trust

And in that I make my peace


It is not

A peace without pain

But maybe that’s the way

It is meant to be


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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