Argh, I have to write something now because I’m a bubbling, overflowing cauldron and if I don’t write, I’m going to scream.

All the cuss words in my brain just threatening to spill. Argh. I don’t want to. I’m squishing the life out of my Winnie the Pooh now. Argh. I’d rather squish them than swear.

I can’t go into detail. I’m half straddling an assignment due tomorrow and my creative writing teacher’s beautiful voice is just playing over my thoughts from the computer. Sunshine and whistles. That’s one of my favourite parts of her review on my work. “He can’t be all sunshine and whistles after all.” She is saying of my main character. I hear you, ma’am.

Ok, I completely missed everything else she mentioned. I have to get off of here and finish that piece of writing before I start a new one here.



A Penny For Your Thoughts

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