Um. So.

I am one week away from an essay deadline, an essay the magnitude of about 1.8k words.

And I just started a couple of hours back. Current word count: 911.

Well. That’s…ominous.

I have never started on an essay so late beforeee, I usually start about 3 weeks early.


If I blow up all the (insert quotes here) I suppose it will boost my word count some 100. Maybe 200? Then if I cut and edit all the non-usable rambling, I might just end up where. I. Started.


Oh woe is me, that it has come to this. Writing an essay to meet word counts. What. What.

What is life, please.

Just bleeding all over the keyboard to get a substantial body of words out. For now. I hope something in there will actually makes some sense for the final cut.

It is a gift, right, to churn out 911 words in a couple of hours? I’ll make it, right?


A Penny For Your Thoughts

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