Huddling under the everything of school. Brrrr.

Indulging in my latest wave of mopeyness tonight in the most college student bumming way ever. That is, eating something they call ‘food’ out of a cup for dinner. After having Macs for tea. Why are comfort food always so darn unhealthy?

There’s a party going on somewhere outside. I can hear the music from here. Open mic or something. The singers aren’t that bad.

I don’t think I’ll be one of those people who become depressed. I have this healthy habit of talking to myself and just emoting and projecting everything onto made-up characters. So I can kind of self-regulate. The better, saner parts of me can indulge me for a while and then talk me out of my lumpy misery. I think people call that crazy. But I don’t give a bother. We’re all weird anyway. Might as well weird in a good way.

I shall have my grapes now. I shall write a poem for class. And I shall brainstorm for the beginnings of two beautiful essays.

Yes, yes I shall. Onward and upward.


5 thoughts on “Huddles

    1. Perhaps 🙂 I’m sure everyone has their own little ways to cope with life. I’m a bit of an escapist, I think 😛 ’tis one of my coping mechanisms haha

  1. “That is, eating something they call ‘food’ out of a cup for dinner.” why you eat from the cup and not bowl? there’s one of a funny thing. 😛

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