January’s Turkey




Oh and I cooked dinner for them too.


So after my last mopey post, I went to the kitchen to cook some dinner, spaghetti and sauce. I didn’t really want to use the kitchen because I have a thing with sharing spaces with people I don’t know so I’ve been avoiding communal places in general like the kitchen (which is actually the only communal place). I didn’t really have a choice though because the fridge is there and my beef is in the fridge. So I went.

That’s when I met my flatmates who are really really awesome peoples.

I bumped into Ryan first in the corridor. He was so excited to meet the people in his flat and was so friendlyyy. He did a self intro and everything and then Vicki came in because she heard voices in the kitchen and thought she’d come out say hi. She’d left a note on the counter for the rest of us introducing herself and Ryan had actually replied on it haha. And then Shawn came in much later after dinnertime with some homey stuff, I think.

Ryan and Vicki did an inventory take on all the stuff in the kitchen left from the previous residents and then they both started to wash everything. While I was cooking my dinner. So it was a bit. Umz. Because they were doing something constructive for the common good of Mankind and I was just cooking to feed myself. Soo I offered to cook them dinner. It’s not like it takes a lot. Yay so we had dinner after cleaning half the floor and all our crockery and cutlery. Then we cleared out the fridge and washed/wiped everything afterwards. Halfway through Shawn came back and then he put down his stuff to join us in sweeping the rest of the floor. We were like a machine. Teamwork man. Bam. Bonding over cleaning. I must say we take much pride in our flat.

Ryan took one for the team and washed the dustbins in his shower (thank you Ryan) then we all went to dump the trash at the compost. We also started a fund jar. They cleaned out my pasta sauce jar and now it’s on the counter top, filled with pennies and coins to fund for stuff in our kitchen. Our first contributions made up exactly 2 pounds for Ryan to run down to the store to get kitchen towels. So yay. We have a legit kitchen coin jar on the first day of knowing each other. How cute is that. Vicki just bought a little plastic flower today for the counter for the homey feels too. We were also talking about getting board games and having family dinners once a month for everyone to cook something from home. Family goals. Seriously. Also, cultural immersion muchhh.

So that’s four of us in a flat. Everyone’s from everywhere so that’s a plus. There’s Vicki from Germany studying English (like mee) taking a couple of writing courses here. She also loves to clean hahaha. Ryan’s from Canada and he’s into graphic design and animation stuff. Shawn’s from New Zealand and all I know is that the kid likes badminton a lot. Pretty cool stuff. Ryan and Shawn are actually Asians, though, so I kind of feel a little more at home, even though they have really thick accents and stuff. Vicki’s great tooo augh everybody’s so cozy. I think there are two more people coming so we’ll see but everyone’s lovely already.

Yep, so I felt much better after that.

I feel like I haven’t been a very grateful person. The Lord has been very very good to me but you probably couldn’t tell because I barely mentioned them. Now’s a good time as any for a little thanksgiving, methinks, now that I’m shaking down and everything. Thanksgiving slightly overdue. Honestly though, on hindsight, He has been everywhere and in everything and I am blessed and I am grateful.

First off, it was definitely divine intervention that I got my visa at all, seeing as I had no official letter of acceptance from the school then. The welcome pack had been delayed/lost in the mail. The visa which I had been stressing about because I wouldn’t have had time to apply for another if this one got rejected. But He provideddd you have no idea how relieved I was. It had been weighing on me like a ton of bricks.

Going away by myself was also a big step although I didn’t think about it then. Too busy packing. But God’s good. He gave me Mother and Gramma to help me pack and squish everything in which I would otherwise never have accomplished. He gave me a lot of good advice from people who’ve travelled before. He surrounded me with loads of well-wishers and friends and from both home and UK and even beyond. He gave me new friends and helped me catch up with the old ones. He’s so good.

When I first got here, I had a ton of things to do. Banking, books, food, settling down. Every morning, I’d wake up and pray for so much grace and blessing and favour so that I could accomplish these things without too many hiccups. It was a bit of a ‘wish-list’ kind of prayer in that I simply wanted God to make things smooth for me because it’s annoying and tiring otherwise. It wasn’t the kind of prayer that focused on God being above all my problems, on His power or on His loving character. It was a selfish ‘me’ kind of thing. But despite this, God is so faithful. He gave me so much courage to just go out there, take a bus, get food, get homey things without getting lost or getting mugged or something. I’m amazed at myself and I know it’s really not just me. Even though I had to go through two banks before I finally opened my account, it is done. He helped me to do that. And I feel like it was for good after all because of some administrative issues which would have been a hassle to amend afterwards. He gave me so much time and strength and patience to do what I had to do and he gave me good company while I did them. The girls from my home uni have been good fun and now my flatmates are nice too. He is so good.

Lastly, He steadies my heart. Sure, being far away from home makes me moody and emo although I try not to be but God is faithful. He comforts me through many friends and gives me much joy and strength and peace which really transcends all understanding. I can’t control how I feel but God is really really something else. He’s the only explanation. Aye, when I’m weak, then I am strong.

I thank God for how the weather is lightening up real nicely. I thank God for the big lovely red ceramic mug which matches my lovely red kettle. I thank God for the rice and noodles in the supermarkets. I thank God for really granting me journey mercies everywhere I go (It’s not something I want to take for granted).

God is good~


Afternoons are the loneliest

As of now, unless I’m busy and out running errands, I’m the most pensive in the afternoons.

Mostly because it’s night at home and everybody there will be turning in so I just feel a bit out of place, alone and adrift in this world. Actually, I feel out of place all the time. Headspace and physical space still needs to sync. Still don’t have any homework or readings to distract me so all this space just makes me a little lonely.

I guess I could jumpstart on my readings, or practice the uke. Stuff.

Video-called a homie last night who’s also away on exchange and seems to have a lot of free time too. So that was good. It was fun. I kind of miss my very down-to-earth homies. I felt better, but I usually feel ok at night.

My suitcase is still on the floor filled with most of everything. It’s like a horizontal closet, because my own closet isn’t big enough.

Did some grocery shopping. Bought bread and instant soup and cookies today.

Also bought some of my books.

Cooked my first meal here yesterday! Rice and steamed some dark soya sauce beef which was a little funny but only because it was beef and not pork which is how Gramma makes it back home. A little on the small portion side but otherwise, not too bad. Quite proud of myself.

Cooking made me feel better. Before I cooked I tried to nap because Mother was whatsapping her goodnights and pretty much set off the waterworks. Pre-dinner/afternoons are the worst. Unpacking my suitcase when I first got here was terrible too, because there’d be food and stuff rolled up and in packed down in my clothes, the way Mother and Gramma crammed so that I could get just a little more in. As I got everything out, I could still hear the little bits of advice and nagging about hangers (“I’ll put them here ok”) and cutlery (“Get more there, there’s no space”) tumble out with my things. Sniff. Yep.

Got a free plate and bathroom rag too at the charity shop. Yay free things.

Going to cook my dinner now. Was quite excited thinking about it but not really now because I’m in a mood. Wells, it usually gets better when the food starts coming along. Because yay food.


I slept really well that first night after all, and I was gratified to wake up to bird calls at about 9am. Woke up a couple of times during the night because friends at home were beeping me from the other end of the world but I fell right back asleep anyways.

Things went downhill from there. Homesick hit and I was mope all day.

I was still ok during breakfast but then I felt that I should fulfil my daughterly duties of skyping home because Mother had told me too and I had promised her. It’s funny because the thought of skyping home made me homesick instead of assuaging it and it threw me into a wreck the rest of the day. I skyped them at about 12 noon which translated to a comfortable after dinnertime at 8pm for them. Was pretty much in tears but hoping they couldn’t see it. It would have been awkward if they mentioned it but I think they could tell.

Afterwards, my friend and I went to the city centre to shop some. I was in a brittle state of mind so I don’t think I was a very good companion. Lunch was a big, fat awkward silence. I couldn’t make any effort even if I tried. Just trying to control myself from breaking down every once in a while. My friend’s nice and all but because we only just became friends due to the trip, we still needed more time to fully break ice. She’s funny, though. She shops everywhere for the cheapest bargains to furnish her room. I couldn’t really share her joy in that because I couldn’t yet unpack and was stuck in this uncomfortable limbo in my teeny tiny room. But I tried to be helpful and helped her pick out some pots and pans for cooking. Then I left her to try to settle my banking stuff.

Banking wasn’t suppose to be complicated. Just open a bank account so that I can draw money when I need it. Pretty straightforward. BUT NO. It was going all fine and dandy and I was pretty much on the verge of successfully opening the account when I spotted, in the small prints, that to be eligible for the account, I had to be studying for at least a year in the UK. I asked the banker who serviced me and she went to ask her boss about it and she came back and apologised because I couldn’t open the account after all. So that ruled Bank A out and I had to find alternative banks.

I was actually proud of myself for reading the small prints and asking the banker about it which overall contributed to an important outcome, albeit not a very positive one. Talking to the banker also made me feel better. I dunno. Maybe it’s just communicating to someone about a legit business that distracts me from mopeyness. I need to start interacting more here, get my head here and be here, methinks. Anyway, I took a two-hour nap and felt completely non-teary afterward so yay. Nothing like a little nap to handle the problems of the world.

Oh, I also jumped the gun and bought a kettle, despite it being a bulky electrical appliance which I would have to move from my current place to my new hall. I felt like the need for hot water justified the trouble I would face packing and moving it later on. I would deal. It made me a little happier. Having access to hot water gives me a sense of power. Like I have some control over my life and happiness. Because hot water= hot chocolate= happy tummy = happy me. It’s a lovely red thing which boils really quickly and bubbles very dramatically. So yay. But then I had no cup (well, I have one but it’s embedded in my luggage which at this point, is not going to surface) so I poured hot water into my new purple Nalgene bottle with my Cadbury hot chocolate powder in and just shook. Please do not ever pour hot water in purple Nalgene bottles and Cadbury hot chocolate powder and shake. It left a sickly Cadbury plastic smell in the bottle afterwards even though I rinsed it out and stuff. And since I had no dish detergent, I decided that the next best thing would be toothpaste so. Toothpaste, water, shaken and stirred in the purple bottle. I wish I could say it worked but it gave off an even sicker, plastic smell with a mean minty twist. Sighs. Airing it now, hoping that drying it would do the trick. Anyway.

I tried to check out if I were eligible for opening a bank account with Bank B, this time through an online web chat with a banker to avoid making another wasted trip down to the bank itself. It was not the most pleasant experiences. It ended with the banker ending our chat because I hadn’t responded for a while (a short while, mind you) and he assumed the chat had been disconnected. I was thinking of whether I wanted to book an appointment with you, you poop. But noo. So no decision/course of action was taken. Honestly.

Then I had a lovely chat with my friend who is also studying in the UK. She gave me some heads up of how school was like and advised me on the banking stuff. I felt so much better. She wanted to come settle me in but she has several deadlines coming up so she couldn’t get away but she’s coming to visit once the deadlines are over and I can’t wait. I’ve become super sensitive to listening out for that Singlish twang everywhere I am, just because… I dunno. Community. Familiarity. Possible friends. Haha. And how they’re settling into life here. It’s like a secret code of identity that’s not so secret.

Went to sleep much stressed about moving smoothly over to my new home, about banking, having to learn to do my own laundry and getting books for school. Prayed for so much grace and favour and blessing on everything.

Moved into my new home this morning and it went really well. Hauled everything over in two trips. First trip with my rice cooker and kettle and other bulky, not so light items. Second trip with my slightly lightened suitcase. I was mostly worried about getting the suitcase down this flight of steps. I was wondering how to get it down. Prayed so much just for that little stretch. Made it in the end and moved in.

I was so happy after that.

My new room is great. Great in the sense that it’s a place where I can see myself living in and writing essays in. I couldn’t imagine doing that in the previous place. It’s more modern, or rather, the other one was old, and the bed is huge. Also, I have my own toilet. I took the most needed shower in my lovely new toilet.

Spent the rest of the day calling up more banks and then moseying about town with my friend who wanted to check out the market which boasts of having the cheapest things. So tired. Walked a lot. I liked the buildings and everything. It all looks so lovely and romantic, it’s like a giant theme park that keeps going. We met the other two students from our school on the exchange programme as well. They were really nice and welcoming and full of advice. They were friends living together in an apartment and it made me wish that I had a friend living in an apartment with me too. I don’t do too well in shared places. I mean, now that I have my own bathroom, it’s much better but then I have to share the kitchen which is reeking of everybody’s old food everywhere.

Anyways, I came back with armfuls of homey essentials tonight. In the swing of domesticating my room. Made some not-so-wise purchases (cough 10 hangers for 4 pounds) and some better ones. Got a toilet cleaner thingy and loo rolls. And also a Magiclean imitation of a dry mop.

I have never felt so adult in my life.


Hi friends. I am finally in the UK after months of talking and thinking about it. It still feels surreal. The reality hasn’t sunk in yet even though I sat through about 14 hours of flight and am experiencing 3 degree celsius weather. Still here but not here. I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

The night before I flew I couldn’t sleep. I must have finally drifted off after imagining the plane crash landing into the sea, my friend and I being two of the few surviving passengers. Something like that.

The Sunday I was due to fly I was extra flat. It would be my last home church service for the next half a year. Didn’t think I would get emotional but I did, a bit. Because people were so nice and stuff. A couple of my sweeties came to send me off and I got so many well-wishes that made me realize how very blessed I am. Then I was pretty much whisked away to fly with my other schoolmate. Was on autopilot all the way. I think I still am. Dang, when the reality sinks, I wonder if I’ll cry buckets.

Anyways, I managed to sleep intermittently and I didn’t get airsick, thank God. Watched Far From the Madding Crowd which was slightly disappointing because Carey Mulligan reminded me of my very smart tutor (accent accent) but her character wasn’t very smart after all even though she seemed so promising at the start. Rolls eyes. And I watched Hotel Transylvania 2 haha the baby kid was so cute.

Reached the transiting airport and it was relatively smooth through the customs so yes, another thank God mo. Then another 1 hour domestic flight. We walked past the baggage claim area when we arrived because the airport was not very intuitive. The baggage claim belts weren’t really moving and nobody in front of us seemed to stop to collect things so we just waltzed away before realizing we passed it. So we had to wait for someone to collect them for us and we sorted out SIM cards along the way. When we finally left the airport, I could see my breath and for a while, I was just distracted by how everyone looked like they were smoking haha.

Ordered a cab to drop my friend and I off at our respective halls. Cabbie was really nice and friendly and he tried to talk to us. He asked about what we were studying and then he asked me what Shakespeare I studied cos English Lit kid and cos he UK dude. We talked a bit about Hamlet. He asked me if I thought Hamlet was crazy and I said no, I thought he was just cowardly and that I didn’t like him very much. Then the cabbie asked if I thought Hamlet really saw the ghost of his dad or was he just hallucinating and I said he probably saw the ghost because how else would he know so specifically how his dad was killed, through pouring poison down his ear? It was quite a nice, short convo and I just felt quite refreshed to be able to discuss Literature with even a cabbie. You don’t get that at home. After a while, the convo just died cos my friend and I were both a bit jet lagged and didn’t really ask him much and so he just stopped talking too. Hope he didn’t feel offended and stuff. Also just not in our culture to really talk like that. At least for me.

Arrived at my temporary hall which I am typing in now. It’s a really small room and I honestly feel I’d be miserable staying in here long term so I’m glad it’s just for a couple of nights. It also seems especially little because I’ve lived in double rooms with roomies all my university life so. The only way I’m not being miserable in my room is really seeing the resemblance between this room and one of the music practice rooms back at junior college. We had a couple of little practice rooms like this, all small and carpeted, with outdated wooden furniture and a little soundproof. So I’m just imagining this room to be the practice room, the room called Beethoven to be exact, and that I’ve been given a bed and allowed to stay overnight. No piano though, but nothing is perfect. My room’s next to/opposite (?) the toilet and shower so I’ve been hearing people clanging and walking in and out all day. It’s like one single toilet and shower instead of the rows of cubicles we have at home and for some reason, I feel like that gives me less privacy. Cos house bathroom settings in a communal living with people I don’t know. Hmmm.

One thing I can’t take, though, is the absolute deafening silence in this place. I mean, yes I get the clanging, banging doors and stray music from next door, but the silence and almost complete stillness of everything else is so loud. I kind of knew I’d be missing all my tropical soundscape before I got here but that hasn’t really helped me in being prepped for it. The stillness of the air instead of the moving air from the a/c, the nothingness from outside (since it’s cold out and I can’t open the window) instead of bird calls and cricket chirps and rustling leaves. Something moving that reminds me I’m not alone and that this world is alive. Sigh. It’s too quiet to sleep. Tuning the uke helped (yes I brought the uke on this long, arduous journey) but I can’t be playing it all the time when I gotta do stuff around the room. I tried to nap because my body clock is still in home time (my whole mind still at home because I’m still fully chatting with all my homies back home anyway) but it was too darn quiet to sleep. I just couldn’t. Got up to find some nature ambience thing and tried again. Better but still not there yet. Gave up napping in the end. Missed Pasco and wished I’d stuff him somewhere even though my luggage was several kg overweight and almost impossible to move. Seriously, lugging that thing up the steps is no small feat. Dragging it along the ground almost took my arm off. Also, I haven’t been able to fully unpack and settle due to this only being my temporary accommodation. Daren’t take out too much in case I can’t zip it back. I think I’ll make a few trips to shift my things. Augh.

Explored the school a little bit this afternoon. Made our student cards and bought food and all that. Quite a nice place so far. The people were pretty nice so that’s good. Weather got better as the day wore on. Less wind. The lack of milo in the supermart scared me a little bit.

I think that’s mostly it for today. I’m quite amazed, looking back on all of it. That I’m here at all. That I’m actually doing this thing. Six months seem pretty long but pretty short too. Wonder how classes will be like.

Gonna try and turn in early for the night as soon as the guy singing in the shower…stops.


Starstruck: Carol Burnett

Three days to flying and guess what I’ve been up to. Only binge watching Carol Burnett sketches for hours on end. Not the wisest way to spend my time but sure is one of the funniest hahaha.

Carol Burnett approves

Wow, what a woman. I’d only lately picked up her biography of sorts called This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection published in 2010. It’s a lovely, lighthearted read which had me literally laughing out loud at every episode. This woman doesn’t act funny, she is funny. I can hear it from the pages, all that verve and personality and animation. She makes her life out to be just that funny. I love it. I love her attitude, her nerve, her wit, how she opens up to be completely star-struck and chickened out by the larger than life actors and actresses she meets. She keeps it real, she hopes, she works so hard and loves what she does. I feel like I almost know her from her book (if that’s even possible). She’s so friendlyyy. Do read it if ever you have the chance, it will absolutely brighten your day. She has that effect on people.

I first knew Carol from  Annie as Miss Hannigan. She was admittedly too overly intoxicated for me but still. I was more enamoured with Ann Reinking as Grace Farrell then (those legs please) who is a very accomplished dancer in her own right. Her dance in ‘We Got Annie’ makes me so happy, it’s so lovely to watch. Absolutely gorgeous. Love her dress.

Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan in Annie.

Then I caught Carol on all those Carol and Julie (Andrews) stuff they used to put up every once in a while. (Julie Andrews is queen) Yes, my two favourite people happen to be really good friends and they rag about wonderfully together onstage. The chemistryyy.

I especially loved this sketch they did at the Lincoln Center. Haha the musical references. Classic. Wish the picture quality was better though.

Her book was so funny that I had to catch up with her work filmed about fifty years back. Been binge watching her TV series, The Carol Burnett Show, and getting nicely acquainted with all her co-stars and the people she wrote so highly about.

The Carol Burnett Show with all my favourite cast members. Top: Vicki Lawrence. Right: Lyle Waggoner. Bottom: Carol Burnett. Left: Harvey Korman

Her sketches are really brilliant. I don’t know how they come up with so many different scenarios and so many things to do that just comes off as funny. My favourites are the Carol and Sis ones because of the whole family dynamic, how the characters aren’t too over the top but are still hilarious anyway. It’s fantastic, everybody is so versatile in playing different people.

I love all her little ticks, the crazy way her right eye goes all bug-eyed sometimes, and her really swell all-American voice. Love itt.

Also loved her co-actor, Harvey Korman. He can be quite fetching. I don’t think he’s really that popular outside of her show but I wouldn’t know.

Harvey Korman being glamorous
Harvey Korman being not so glamorous

You can still tell he’s a funny guy. He’s got laughing features and a nice guy friendly face. I like the sketches where he and Carol act as a couple, it’s so adorbs. Haha I think that’s why I liked the Carol and Sis sketches. They both have really good chemistry and they’re both so good-looking and funny. You wouldn’t think of funny people as the good-looking ones but Carol and Harvey are such handsome people. Even when they’re making absolute fools of themselves they’re charming. There was this one sketch where the cast was doing different death scenes because ‘every actor wants to do a good death scene’ and I loved how when it was Carol’s turn, she was like “I’d like a little lights and some music… and Harvey.” And he just comes on to scoop her up in his arms when she goes ‘action’ to execute/rag the dying lover scene. Haha Harvey, as indispensable as lights and music. He cracked up a little bit in the scene because Carol was being Carol and he was just enjoying the whole thing, methinks. Hilarious. I need a Harvey Korman in my life to do dying lover scenes. Or pretty much any other bit of drama. Bff goals please.

There were a lot of good looking co-stars on the show too. Lyle Waggoner (oh so hot I cannot), Ken Berry and a few others whom I have yet to match names to their faces.

Carol Burnett and Lyle Waggoner

Loved this one too with guest star Alan Alda. (How come she gets all the hot guest stars) He was an adorbs bumble here. Harvey and Vicki were also a scream in their cringeworthy exaggerations of the old black and whites hahaha.

And this Alan sketch was lovely. Practically a fairytale romance in modern times. Why are they both so cute, this is absolutely perfect. Hearts so much.

I just fell for Ken Berry last night. I only saw him on this one episode where he sang this one song and snap, I was a goner. Completely melted. Here, watch it, it starts at about 10.23. Just swooned. He’s so endearing. His voice and his expressions and everything. Smooth kid.

It was so happy and friendly and everything was set up in the typical romanticized costume and setting. The irony of it being a spoof is not lost on me.

Carol was the bomb in that one too. Her figure was completely on point please. And she has really lovely cheekbones. So Nicole Kidman from the Golden Compass in this sketch. Ugh, I have to watch her in a proper movie. Her sketches just give me glimpses into all that potential. Need to watch her in a running screen time of more than an hour at least.

She had Rock Hudson on the show too but he wasn’t that hot for me. This sketch was great though. The burns. Genius. Gotta give them credit for it.

Reading and watching her makes me a little nostalgic for something I didn’t even experience first hand. Does that make sense? I mean, I technically didn’t grow up watching her episodes on TV and I definitely didn’t grow up in her time, the 60s and all that. But still, I like everything about the show that screams how dated it is. The hairdos, the fashion, the lack of handphones, how guys have to really pluck up their courage to hit up the girls at the bar (no such swiping and Tinder nonsense, just the good ol’ fashion getting to know you and pick up lines. Haha all their pick me up bar skits are hilarious. Just watch them struggle).

I think I know why I like the Carol and Sis sketches now. They reflect a little a bit of a life I might never know. I don’t know how accurate it is in depicting a life before the 21st century but I like the interactions the characters have with each other, the dialogue and everything, regardless of the slapstick sitcom it’s structured around. Not to say I don’t like my current time and age but I feel like I’m missing something else, another culture of another time that was somehow more honest, more sincere, where people were smart enough to be funny and talent was valued.

I don’t know. I’ve pretty much stopped watching TV. Maybe I’ve just become a snob at my own generation at the ripe old age of twenty. Oh no I have turned into my snobby professor who doesn’t read books written past, what, 1965?

Noooo what have I becomee

Little Life

As I sit here typing, my brother and three of his friends are jamming in the hall. Two of them are on guitars, one is on the cajon and my brother himself is on the keys (which I can barely hear). They’re playing ‘Glorious Ruins’. Their two guitarists are not in the same key but they play on. I wonder if I should tell them.

Then again, if they can worship without noticing.

It’s a weird mix of feels seeing your younger sibling and his circle of friends racking up so much cool factor and pulling ahead of you. Part proud part envious. Proud cos ‘that’s my bro being cool without being swaggy and douchebaggy’. Envious cos ‘dang your friends are cool without meaning to be’ and because I used to be the cool older one. How the tides have turned. I mean I still make music occasionally with the acapella peeps but still.

Brother’s on the guitar now, playing ‘A-team’, showing off what he’s been practicing behind closed doors. Not half bad. He’s much better on guitar methinks. They swop guitar tips. How nice. I kind of want to join them but I don’t think I should. Haha. Awkwardd.

Just came back from a nice, much-needed timeout with Sam. We went shopping for some thermals for my trip. I’m just glad I went with her. That girl has got a good head for Math haha.

We walked the mall and had a swell lava cake for dessert/tea yumz. Then we hit Toy Outpost where I got some pretty temporary tats. Don’t know where to put them on though. The topic of tats came up once and I did seriously think about where I’d get one if I got one. The answer was nowhere haha. I like my body default clean. Can’t really commit to staining a single spot but, hey, to each his own. I think a temporary one is fine though. Maybe the wrist or the shoulder. I wonder if Mother would freak, even though it was temporary. Hmm probably shoulder then. Less conspicuous.

‘Twas nice to chit chat about life and stuff with her. We pretty much talked about everything under the sun. Sighs. I shall miss her for the next half a year. Huhuhu.

There’s so much to write about without touching on the exchange but I don’t feel like withdrawing into my writing hermit mode to churn it out because I need to be here in the real world to settle mundane administration from time to time. My mind can’t afford to be away. Once I’m in writing hermit mode, I take forever to come out of it, and I’ll be a grouchy person when I do. So. I really shouldn’t. I want to do all the other stuff in my world too besides writing. Piano and letter writing and all that. But that takes time, and doing all those things requires me to retreat into my little world (which I shall christian a name in time because it’s a legit state of mind/place) and I won’t want to get out to do things like pack.

Hence, sticking to writing about the little things in life now. Which are still important.

I bought this book and it’s really about nothing (the plot where is the plot) except a bunch of gossipmongers living their little lives. Feel a bit cheated getting such a book but I have to finish it (I usually don’t stop halfway. It’s a thing) and then maybe I’ll re-sell it. I feel like I’d have to put a disclaimer on it though. Disclaimer: There are many other better books in this world you should spend your money on but please take this off my hands.

Also bought the cutest little rice cooker for the exchange. Sam says that I can cook lava cakes with rice cookers. We shall see muhahaha. And I got this a-little-too-big piggy hand warmer. I’m a sucker for things soft and piggy. I wish I could bring Pasco over too. I mean, he’s all dressed for the winter, scarf and earmuffs. Pasco and Piggy would get along when I’m out for school. All my stuff toys are friends.

Lastly, much divine intervention needed for my administration ughhh. I shall sleep on it. In this weather, I shall be sleeping on it a good deal. Yay~