Little Life

As I sit here typing, my brother and three of his friends are jamming in the hall. Two of them are on guitars, one is on the cajon and my brother himself is on the keys (which I can barely hear). They’re playing ‘Glorious Ruins’. Their two guitarists are not in the same key but they play on. I wonder if I should tell them.

Then again, if they can worship without noticing.

It’s a weird mix of feels seeing your younger sibling and his circle of friends racking up so much cool factor and pulling ahead of you. Part proud part envious. Proud cos ‘that’s my bro being cool without being swaggy and douchebaggy’. Envious cos ‘dang your friends are cool without meaning to be’ and because I used to be the cool older one. How the tides have turned. I mean I still make music occasionally with the acapella peeps but still.

Brother’s on the guitar now, playing ‘A-team’, showing off what he’s been practicing behind closed doors. Not half bad. He’s much better on guitar methinks. They swop guitar tips. How nice. I kind of want to join them but I don’t think I should. Haha. Awkwardd.

Just came back from a nice, much-needed timeout with Sam. We went shopping for some thermals for my trip. I’m just glad I went with her. That girl has got a good head for Math haha.

We walked the mall and had a swell lava cake for dessert/tea yumz. Then we hit Toy Outpost where I got some pretty temporary tats. Don’t know where to put them on though. The topic of tats came up once and I did seriously think about where I’d get one if I got one. The answer was nowhere haha. I like my body default clean. Can’t really commit to staining a single spot but, hey, to each his own. I think a temporary one is fine though. Maybe the wrist or the shoulder. I wonder if Mother would freak, even though it was temporary. Hmm probably shoulder then. Less conspicuous.

‘Twas nice to chit chat about life and stuff with her. We pretty much talked about everything under the sun. Sighs. I shall miss her for the next half a year. Huhuhu.

There’s so much to write about without touching on the exchange but I don’t feel like withdrawing into my writing hermit mode to churn it out because I need to be here in the real world to settle mundane administration from time to time. My mind can’t afford to be away. Once I’m in writing hermit mode, I take forever to come out of it, and I’ll be a grouchy person when I do. So. I really shouldn’t. I want to do all the other stuff in my world too besides writing. Piano and letter writing and all that. But that takes time, and doing all those things requires me to retreat into my little world (which I shall christian a name in time because it’s a legit state of mind/place) and I won’t want to get out to do things like pack.

Hence, sticking to writing about the little things in life now. Which are still important.

I bought this book and it’s really about nothing (the plot where is the plot) except a bunch of gossipmongers living their little lives. Feel a bit cheated getting such a book but I have to finish it (I usually don’t stop halfway. It’s a thing) and then maybe I’ll re-sell it. I feel like I’d have to put a disclaimer on it though. Disclaimer: There are many other better books in this world you should spend your money on but please take this off my hands.

Also bought the cutest little rice cooker for the exchange. Sam says that I can cook lava cakes with rice cookers. We shall see muhahaha. And I got this a-little-too-big piggy hand warmer. I’m a sucker for things soft and piggy. I wish I could bring Pasco over too. I mean, he’s all dressed for the winter, scarf and earmuffs. Pasco and Piggy would get along when I’m out for school. All my stuff toys are friends.

Lastly, much divine intervention needed for my administration ughhh. I shall sleep on it. In this weather, I shall be sleeping on it a good deal. Yay~



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