January’s Turkey




Oh and I cooked dinner for them too.


So after my last mopey post, I went to the kitchen to cook some dinner, spaghetti and sauce. I didn’t really want to use the kitchen because I have a thing with sharing spaces with people I don’t know so I’ve been avoiding communal places in general like the kitchen (which is actually the only communal place). I didn’t really have a choice though because the fridge is there and my beef is in the fridge. So I went.

That’s when I met my flatmates who are really really awesome peoples.

I bumped into Ryan first in the corridor. He was so excited to meet the people in his flat and was so friendlyyy. He did a self intro and everything and then Vicki came in because she heard voices in the kitchen and thought she’d come out say hi. She’d left a note on the counter for the rest of us introducing herself and Ryan had actually replied on it haha. And then Shawn came in much later after dinnertime with some homey stuff, I think.

Ryan and Vicki did an inventory take on all the stuff in the kitchen left from the previous residents and then they both started to wash everything. While I was cooking my dinner. So it was a bit. Umz. Because they were doing something constructive for the common good of Mankind and I was just cooking to feed myself. Soo I offered to cook them dinner. It’s not like it takes a lot. Yay so we had dinner after cleaning half the floor and all our crockery and cutlery. Then we cleared out the fridge and washed/wiped everything afterwards. Halfway through Shawn came back and then he put down his stuff to join us in sweeping the rest of the floor. We were like a machine. Teamwork man. Bam. Bonding over cleaning. I must say we take much pride in our flat.

Ryan took one for the team and washed the dustbins in his shower (thank you Ryan) then we all went to dump the trash at the compost. We also started a fund jar. They cleaned out my pasta sauce jar and now it’s on the counter top, filled with pennies and coins to fund for stuff in our kitchen. Our first contributions made up exactly 2 pounds for Ryan to run down to the store to get kitchen towels. So yay. We have a legit kitchen coin jar on the first day of knowing each other. How cute is that. Vicki just bought a little plastic flower today for the counter for the homey feels too. We were also talking about getting board games and having family dinners once a month for everyone to cook something from home. Family goals. Seriously. Also, cultural immersion muchhh.

So that’s four of us in a flat. Everyone’s from everywhere so that’s a plus. There’s Vicki from Germany studying English (like mee) taking a couple of writing courses here. She also loves to clean hahaha. Ryan’s from Canada and he’s into graphic design and animation stuff. Shawn’s from New Zealand and all I know is that the kid likes badminton a lot. Pretty cool stuff. Ryan and Shawn are actually Asians, though, so I kind of feel a little more at home, even though they have really thick accents and stuff. Vicki’s great tooo augh everybody’s so cozy. I think there are two more people coming so we’ll see but everyone’s lovely already.

Yep, so I felt much better after that.

I feel like I haven’t been a very grateful person. The Lord has been very very good to me but you probably couldn’t tell because I barely mentioned them. Now’s a good time as any for a little thanksgiving, methinks, now that I’m shaking down and everything. Thanksgiving slightly overdue. Honestly though, on hindsight, He has been everywhere and in everything and I am blessed and I am grateful.

First off, it was definitely divine intervention that I got my visa at all, seeing as I had no official letter of acceptance from the school then. The welcome pack had been delayed/lost in the mail. The visa which I had been stressing about because I wouldn’t have had time to apply for another if this one got rejected. But He provideddd you have no idea how relieved I was. It had been weighing on me like a ton of bricks.

Going away by myself was also a big step although I didn’t think about it then. Too busy packing. But God’s good. He gave me Mother and Gramma to help me pack and squish everything in which I would otherwise never have accomplished. He gave me a lot of good advice from people who’ve travelled before. He surrounded me with loads of well-wishers and friends and from both home and UK and even beyond. He gave me new friends and helped me catch up with the old ones. He’s so good.

When I first got here, I had a ton of things to do. Banking, books, food, settling down. Every morning, I’d wake up and pray for so much grace and blessing and favour so that I could accomplish these things without too many hiccups. It was a bit of a ‘wish-list’ kind of prayer in that I simply wanted God to make things smooth for me because it’s annoying and tiring otherwise. It wasn’t the kind of prayer that focused on God being above all my problems, on His power or on His loving character. It was a selfish ‘me’ kind of thing. But despite this, God is so faithful. He gave me so much courage to just go out there, take a bus, get food, get homey things without getting lost or getting mugged or something. I’m amazed at myself and I know it’s really not just me. Even though I had to go through two banks before I finally opened my account, it is done. He helped me to do that. And I feel like it was for good after all because of some administrative issues which would have been a hassle to amend afterwards. He gave me so much time and strength and patience to do what I had to do and he gave me good company while I did them. The girls from my home uni have been good fun and now my flatmates are nice too. He is so good.

Lastly, He steadies my heart. Sure, being far away from home makes me moody and emo although I try not to be but God is faithful. He comforts me through many friends and gives me much joy and strength and peace which really transcends all understanding. I can’t control how I feel but God is really really something else. He’s the only explanation. Aye, when I’m weak, then I am strong.

I thank God for how the weather is lightening up real nicely. I thank God for the big lovely red ceramic mug which matches my lovely red kettle. I thank God for the rice and noodles in the supermarkets. I thank God for really granting me journey mercies everywhere I go (It’s not something I want to take for granted).

God is good~


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