As it is

Hello you~

My WP so outdatedd. Sigh.

I was going to make a video montage about my time here cos it’s so bootiful and have so enjoyed my time here buttt I didn’t pack my vid cam and my phone is forever running out of storage space in the cloud so. Obstacles. I did try though, but the video always has the walk-shake, you know, the juddering that happens when you walk. Very headache inducing.

I’ve finished two of my exams thus far. My next exam is in something like two weeks. So I have this awkward gap to prep and stuff which is good because I haven’t started on it at all but I can’t let loose and partayee just yet. Which I’m really in the mood for about now. Much annoyed. Grr.

I finished my drama exam, wrote about how language affects performance in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus. I also wrote about the elements of truth and fiction in a couple of my texts, namely Beckett’s Endgame and Caryl Churchill’s Far Away. Something about how fictional scenarios reveals truths of human nature that we might never know in our current reality. Then again, the constructed truth is subjective. It is the individual playwright’s truth, after all. I thought I wrote pretty ok for the exam but I finished half an hour earlier than the end time which never happens back home so I’m a bit worried as to whether I wrote enough. :/

I realized I never did the whole review stuff I used to do whenever I conquered any literary milestones. I should get back into it. I liked those. I so need to review these works lel cos I never thought I’d appreciate something so sparse and modern like Far Away. I usually like stuff like Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, stuff that’s more traditionally full and arched, just on the brink of the Beckett kind of modern (which is honestly too much for me). It still addresses modern ideas, in Ibsen’s case, gender constructions, so that was lovely and I did like that one. Going to write on that.

Also finished the Broadway exam today. It was an mcq affair which scared me a little because you either got it right or wrong, there wouldn’t be marks for effort, unlike, say, essay exams. I just re-did the past year questions over and over again and they all came out for the real thing so yay. Passed that one so that’s a quarter of my academic burden off my back. I was almost late for it because I had been too lazy to find the exact venue. I knew roughly where it was but I just couldn’t find the place and I was panicking and stuff. Made it something like ten minutes before it started. Much adrenaline please.

Finished my two essays on my New Testament course too. No final exams for that. So that’s three out of four of my courses done. One to go.

So while I study for my last paper, I’m planning a sort of baking marathon along with the mugging haha cos the people on Youtube make it look so darn easy! Ordered loads of flour and choc chips. 🙂 Looking to bake donuts, puddings, cookies and breads! I luv mah carbs.

Three to four weeks before I head home! Looking forward to chilling with mah homies. My folks are going to be popping over for a bit. We’re going to travel to the big city, London, and heading to a day trip to Manchester to catch up with friends. 🙂 Booked an Airbnb in London and it’s will be my first Airbnb experience. Hope it all turns out well and we get a nice host and everything, that the house will be fairly comfortable and all. Such a risk taker.

I’ve been watching a lot of shows lately and I was just going to write about them here but there really is too much so I’m actually going to do them up properly by shows.

Which brings us to a weird place to end off. That’s the problem when I do life updates. I’d really have preferred writing in themes but ain’t nobody got time for that.


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