Thoughts on my Childhood: Eloise at the Plaza and Spy Kids

On a happier note, I re-watched the Eloise movies, that is, Eloise at the Plaza and Eloise at Christmastime. Childhood please! 😀 ‘Twas such a feel good movie. I absolutely love kid shows hwahaha.


Sofia Vassilieva as the irrepressible Eloise

Apparently it’s a book and a cartoon which I am now very interested to read and watch but I do ❤ the movie.

Eloise is this rich kid (played by Sofia Vladimirovna Vassilieva) who lives permanently at the Plaza hotel in NY and spends her days pretty much doing kid stuff, ‘running’ the hotel and pretending to be important. This raises havoc among the hotel staff, mostly the i/c, Mr. Salomone.

The Plaza mostly indulges the 6 year old and the staff take the time to play pretend with her. I really like how the adults do this, how they take her into account and complement her adventures and her imagination. The concierge would make up messages of Very Important People requesting her presence here and there, which Eloise would decline with a sigh because of her ‘busy’ schedule and her waiter, Bill (Gavin Creel), would play his part perfectly, becoming a hearty pirate and letting the child beat him in sword fights or teaching her a bit of a piano duet. It’s such a Disney world where the adults are never cross with kids. Bubble wrapped reality.

Bill (Gavin Creel) teaching Eloise a song

Everyone needs a Bill I think. I should like a Bill.

Julie Andrews is in it too as Eloise’s English nanny who also finds love at the Plaza amidst caring for her mischievous little charge. She’s not that glam in this movie, in that she’s not playing queen (Princess Diaries) or a magical nanny (Mary Poppins). Just a proper normal nanny this time who loves Eloise, never looks down on her as a child and is always worn out by her.

Julie Andrews as Nanny

Every time Eloise throws her arms around Julie and says that she loves her, I’m just like “you lucky kid!!!”(cries). I love you too Julie ❤ Julie is bae please.

The theme of both movies are pretty much the same, say what you really want and don’t let other people’s expectations (in this case, mostly the domineering parent) run your life. There wasn’t really a villain per se in the first movie, unless you counted the parents, which worked well at allowing the kids to sort themselves out and get the courage to speak up to the one who loves them. Eloise spends her time in both movies playing the matchmaker, first for her tutor and then for Bill and his childhood sweetheart. She’s smart enough to set the grownups together and proves to be a very resourceful child.

I could see how Eloise’s character would set a bad example for children though. Sure, Eloise is really a kindred at heart, and wants to have her share of fun as a child. But she is admittedly a bit of a brat because she’s rich enough to have that luxury. I don’t mind, though. I like her character; her appeal is in that she can do and say exactly what she wants, as a very rich child whom has no ill intentions whatsoever. Which is prolly what a lot of people want. Can’t argue with that. I do wonder how she’d turn out if she couldn’t afford being bratty and getting her way whenever she wants. Can never see Eloise in the real world as a grown up. I guess that’s the point.

So that’s that. I had a lovely time with Eloise and I wished they’d made a third movie. There needs to be more of such movies. All the feel good vibes. If anyone has any recommends, please please let me know. 🙂 Thankss.

Re-watching the Spy Kids franchise too except the fourth one cos. That one was just. Nope.

The first Spy Kids movie
The second one
And the third

Spy Kids are literally about spies who are kids/kids who are spies. Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) find out that their parents were ex-agents/spies who have recently been activated for a mission. Unfortunately, they go missing (prolly rusty from retirement) and it falls to the kids to save them. From then on, they become properly initiated spies who go on missions.

To be honest, the Spy Kids movies aren’t that hot, but they were so cool when I was a kid. I had a thing for spies and gadgets and high-tech tree houses as my headquarters. An ardent fan of Totally Spies and Kim Possible so Spy Kids was a go-to. Plus I had a younger brother so our family stats fit with the Cortezes. You have no idea how much I wanted to be Carmen. She was so cool, Kim Possible brought to life. Don’t think I’m the only one too.

Dang Carmen such a cool kid

Also, Antonio Banderas was in it. I mostly watch for Antonio. He’s the hottest thing in Spy Kids I swear. ❤

Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino as the parents (SK1)

Carla was hot too. Reference to all the cool ‘serious’ spy movies. Except they’re married, not sleeping around (cough James Bond cough). Kudos for you, Spy Kids.


I was quite impressed at how the movies portrayed the children, the younger of the Spy Kids, namely, Juni and Gerti, as well as the President’s daughter. Like, the way they spoke was so adult. Not to say they didn’t have their childish sides. But they were also cool in the adult way, sometimes even more than their older sibs (Gary Giggles and Carmen). When Juni was trying to get the President’s daughter down from the malfunctioning theme park ride, or asking her for a dance at the OSS dinner, the kids were all so eloquent, like mini-adults. It’s so endearing. Taylor Momsen played the President’s daughter and I thought she and Juni were pretty cute.

Taylor Momsen as the President’s daughter (SK3)

Juni’s other love interest was Demetra (Courtney Jines) in the third movie, the deceiver in the game that they were supposed to shut down. She was another cool kid and she reminded me of a badass version of Kairi from KH.

Courtney Jines as Demetra (SK3)

How do they find all these cool kids. Seriousleh.

I don’t know if it’s a thing for kids to be so mature like that or it’s just me, that I was even more of a child than I am now. Can’t remember life when I was 6. I remembered life when I was 7 though, because my form teacher instilled that fear in my and I had to be aware to survive. Meaning I pretended to be sick and skipped school sometimes. For my sanity please.

Also didn’t know why Carmen was so into Gary who was basically Juni’s arch enemy for the whole second movie. I don’t think I would ever crush on someone who picks on my bro. Like, who you think you are you meanie. Boo.

And the whole Fooglies transformation was really scary for me. Shudder.

Spy Kids wasn’t the smoothest movie. It relied a lot on the green screen and special effects, which was a little sketchy with the technology of the time. But I watched it for the gimmicks, the really good looking actors and the child appeal. I have a thing for the child appeal. Cos. Child at heart, forever and always. It’s a cool concept, methinks.

I don’t suppose I had many constructive/insightful thoughts here lol but these are just some of my feel good kid movie responses (not even a review methinks). Just wanted to put it out there cos I did like them. So. Yay.




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