Disclaimer maybe

Hi guys. So I’d just like to make a little disclaimer for all the angst and not so good vibes on the last post. I’m not usually that angsty (I hope). But I admit I was way more than usual.

My hyperthyroid relapsed. Oh sure, blame the hormones.

I have a history of this overactive gland, ze thyroid, and it produces too much of a certain hormone that makes me go a bit off. The last time I had it, I was sweating over my A levels. Yas, apparently this is a stress-induced condition. Hereditary and stress.

What happens when I get it is that basically, the overproduction of this hormone drives my metabolism crazy so I get constantly hot/heat intolerance, hungry, irritable and some weakness of the muscle. There is a supposed weight loss along the way because of the burn but I always eat enough to counteract my hunger.

I was experiencing almost all the symptoms but I didn’t know I it relapsed until dad noticed that my eye looked bulgy so could I please see the doctor for a checkup. See, the last time I got it, my eyes weren’t just bulging out, they were tearing 24/7 for no reason whatsoever. They were just leaking. But this time they weren’t. Still, I took a blood test and it showed that my hormones were off the scale. They were pretty high compared to my previous bout, which the doctors had said was marginal (I didn’t know the exact numbers).

I’ve been on medication two to three weeks now so I’m feeling loads better. Taking another blood test in a week.

To be honest, I’m glad my body acted up. Because I was stress and I couldn’t get it out of me (well unless online ranting counts).

The doctor suspects that I got it even before I got back home, and looking back, I think he’s right. I was feeling so bloomin’ hot in the UK and I couldn’t stop eating. It was terrible because when we went to London, we went on a couple of day trips to the outskirts i.e 2-4 hours on the coach. I could bring food enough to stuff my face but then I always worrying if we would have pit stops to poo (one coach didn’t have a mobile toilet and the other one wouldn’t flush). It was so stressful. I think that was why I couldn’t enjoy London. Worrying about my next meal and toilet breaks all the time. Also because there aren’t many toilets around. Like I can’t find them in the mall. Not usually. There’ll only be in restaurants, so. Sorry for going all the way to London and then worrying about poo breaks. Never gonna be a travel blogger no-oh~

I think I got stressed cos I had to ‘host’ my parents, sort of. I got an accom at London from airBnb. It was our first airBnb experience so it was a bit stressful for me, worrying if I picked an ok house with an ok host. It was a decent experience, not hotel standard but it also wasn’t the live-with-a-local experience I had expected. The host didn’t live with us. Which meant that there were a couple of details that were overlooked. So.

Then I came back and broke out in a sort of heat rash. It was awful. At first, I thought it was getting used to our lovely 35 degree celsius tropical weather again. I moisturised every night because it got really bad then. Couldn’t sleep a wink. Luckily, we found out that it was the hyperthyroid and all that so we got the proper meds. It was still fluctuating the past few weeks. Some nights were still awful. But it’s stabilising now so much thankful.

I got stressed mostly because the minute I stepped down, mum was nagging me to do internships and get a job at once. And we all know how easy that is. I can’t remember if I said that the last post. Anyhoo. It was hard cos by the time I applied most of June would already be over, leaving me with July and a bit of August, which isn’t really a lot of time to get a job, however temporary.

I’m not a strong, confrontational person who can stand up for my thoughts all the time, especially if it’s against my mother, who is number one, my mother, and number two, a very strong character. The best I can do is vent it all somewhere she wouldn’t see but still. Yea, so mum couldn’t see how unpractical it was for me to be gainfully employed. I guess, on hindsight, she just wanted to see some effort. I have a feeling if I did manage to snag anything for real, a few weeks into it and she would feel tired and empathetic for me. That was what happened last year anyway, and then when I left the job early, we were both so glad haha. Mothers.

So that’s that. Things are looking up, now that I’m less irritable etc. Don’t mean to push everything onto my medical condition but it does have some bearing on being mean/not so nice. Aye, we ain’t all perfect but now that that’s kinda behind me, I’m trying to be nice-ish again. And seizing the hols for myself, doing all the stuff I want before school starts.

Oh yas.


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