to you

who are tired of not meaning anything, and find too much emptiness in excess

i think that

when you’re your own guide

you’ll get lost


all the time

when you only have yourself to follow

it’s scary

everything is relative

relative to you

everything just moves around on the surface but nothing moves downwards; it’s like everyone just shifts around and dodges the point. 

The point. Yes there is a point. 

The nature of this job, of society, of life itself, is fleeting. It’s fleeting because there we can’t find the point, we don’t know what it is. so we try to find one, or make one. we just want to make something, anything and everything, matter. to make ourselves worth this life. 

but in the end, you’re right. everything, for all it’s bustling busyness, is fleeting. it’s nothing. still we bustle, stirring up a lot of nothing to make something.

some where deep inside us, there will always be something that wants more than just doing things, going through the motions. that’s normal. it holds for me at least. 

and if the earth and all its workings are fleeting, we will never find that, what we want, the thing we don’t even know we are yearning for. we won’t find it here. 

it all goes back to the meaning of life, what you want from it, what you can do. and i know you’ve been searching so much, so hard, looking into yourself, taking things from outside, the world, as a mirror to learn who you are, trying to find something you don’t even know. and you take the journey in your stride, part of the big question of life, that it will somehow give you answers some time, some day. but it’s tiring when you don’t know where you’re going, and when no one else knows either, when you only have yourself to trust.

don’t settle for the journey. there is a point. and we all have the same point. if anything, the journey just appeals to us that there is more. it’s all or nothing. truth isn’t relative. truth is truth. 

i hope you find it soon.


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