11.30 pm and I’m stuffing myself with nutella/peanut butter bread with chocolate frosting. And I’m not even that hungry. I had dinner at 9ish, dinner consisting of rice, two chicken drumsticks, an attempt at an egg souffle and veggies.

How am I suppose to not get fat like thiss.

I’m just pretty awake now even though it’s late.

My day went something like this: (Sorry in advance, this is so runny and such a blow by blow of my day today. Just trying to get the writing voice back and stuff. )

Had my honey oatmeal with banana and pb for breakfast before hitting the gym (danggg always wanted to use that phrase so casually. You have no ideah how much effort it takes to go to the gym). We had a rotten weather today, grey and wet, but I still managed to haul myself to gym so yay. Extra points for me please. Did my cardio on the elliptical thingamajig (200 calories!). Only just found out it was called an elliptical. Did some weights and stuff while envying the muscles on everyone else. Like, how do you do pushups and burpees and planking non-stop? I cannot. I feel like these are the really effective ones that’s why they’re so hard and I should do them cos they probably work the best but. But. No. I doubt I can even do ten burpees. I tried doing the girl pushups properly today. I think I could hit about five before I had to stop. And I planked for something like 20-30 secs. 😦 I used to be able to do a minute. I’d practiced to get there. Gone with the wind now. Sighhh. Also, I don’t like cardio. I know it’s the kind of thing you can do everyday and it burns your calories and stuff but I don’t like it. I just do it as an obligation of working out. Like, even if I don’t feel like pushing myself today, at least I did cardio and burnt something. I want to do more weights. I feel like they can burn too and build muscle which I’m all about. Muscleee.

Lol typing out all I did at the gym makes me feel better stuffing my face now.

I was really into the gymming and health and wellness stuff for a bit, planning my two breakfasts (before and after gym) and counting my calories. But it made me miserable. So not counting them anymore. Made a few more ‘healthier’ choices though. Switched my white bread and rice to brown. I think it’ll make somee difference, hopefully. I’m not into bread anymore since the switch. I think brown bread doesn’t set off the butter taste that well, so weaning off my bread obsession. Brown rice is really crunchy though. I needed to add loads of water and wait for it to cook for forever before it gets soft. Basically trying to hit the 2:1:1 ratio for meals, that is, 2 parts veggie, 1 part carb and 1 part meat. But it’s hard. I love my meat and carbs. It usually goes 1:3:2 haha 3 being my carbs. Still, baby steps.

Came back and ate three slices of bread tho, but they were small slices. Plus a bowl of cereal. Tried Ryan’s new protein loaded cereal which was not so hot haha he’d blended it cos the pieces were so big and it became kinda like a tasteless oatmeal lelel. Haha this is becoming my food diary now. Food’s important to me so if there is a change, it’s worthy enough to talk about. Ryan was showing me his Tinder matches too but not his profile! boo Ryan and we talked about Jon’s 700 imaginary girlfriends hahaha seriousleh Jon. Didd consider Tinder for a while but I don’t really wanna put my face out there and have awkward conversations. Until now, I have no idea how to keep a e-convo going. Ryan just wanted to see me pick guys and how I would do it but there wasn’t wifi in the kitchen so oh wells. Next time ahaha. Probably going to psychoanalyse and read all the descriptions for the first few and then give up and pick them based on their photos.

Took a shower and fell right back asleep for an hour, then woke up for lunch haha. Such is life. Eat sleep eat sleep. Fat die. Made two tortillas with bacon bits, some veggie salad and scrambled eggs. I think I had more cereal. And more bread. I eat cereal and bread all day er day.

Then Jon, Ryan and I cabbed down to the theatre to catch Guys and Dolls. I think I liked it better than Joseph because the sound system was better. The sound system on Joseph was so loudd, it was too loud for my poor ears and I think I covered them for the whole show and must have looked like an unappreciative person. Paid more attention for Guys and Dolls. Probably will review it separately. In case I don’t though, in short, I did like the chorus songs, the brassy band sound, the dude who played Sky (dat voice tho) and the whole vintage setting (costume and accent). The chorus songs were gorge, everyone was so tight and the sound was so huge and lovely, even if there are canons and different lines. Gorge. Then they would dance and everything with the whole light bulb retro setting. Much high school musical. Better. I like. Also loved all those swag brass. So retro it was gorge. Didn’t care much about Sky until he sang. That last note for his gambling game song was the bomb. So bootiful. And all in all loved the retro feels. All the skirts and fitting tops and all the matching suits and hats. Hats should come back and be a thing. Got some of those dresses at a vintage sale but I dunno it I’ll be able to pull it off in our current time. Lel sorry this is so sketchy because I mean to put up something more well thought out and detailed with the songs and actors and stuff. May touch on Joseph too which I realize I never mentioned before.

Had tea break with Ryan at the Chinese supermarket. Shared our many thoughts and opinions over a matcha cake. I don’t think I was making sense most of the time lol lol. It’s a bit of a new experience for me. Much civil conversation on a pretty touchy topic from a really personal POV. I wish I could know what to say and what not to (again again). I wish that when I share God I could do it from a more personal POV and not like just a “the bible says” way. Like, yea it’s good to know scripture. But God is a living person and he touches me and works in me and speaks to me. He’s alive. I wish I could talk about Him as a person, a friend, instead of some distant figure with info I’m pulling off his wiki page.

Also Ryan, if you’re reading this, it was a lovely and much deep conversation and I did appreciate you trying not to offend/debate me but you don’t gotta be so apologetic over erthing hahaha. I know you’re trying to be pc (what with the recent turn of events lol) but I know where you’re coming from, like, not with ill intentions, just curious and genuinely interested in what I’m saying and I do appreciate thatt. Haha thank you for taking the time to talk about stuff with me and for really trying to respect very diverse opinions. Just that, you don’t gotta belittle your own experiences in the process. Your experiences are as valid as other people’s yea. Love how you stand up for something and explain why without bulldozing everyone to do the same and listening to why people may disagree or have different opinions. Sorry if I was pushy or anything I probably didn’t notice lelel (pc pc). Was trying to tone down on the bulldozing passion that I sometimes work myself up into. What we talked about was something that I do think about and have also somewhat experienced so. Haha but I wish I could have been more eloquent. I’m so steeped in my religious POV that it’s a bit hard for me to relate. But yas, I know where you coming from. Wonder if I’ll regret saying this but don’t apologise for your thoughts, your experiences got you there and it may change, it may not. It’s cool. Haha. Yas.

Spent the rest of the day buying goodies which I’ll never get to eat. It’s my last week here and probably the last time I’ll meet my churchies so I’m prepping a little goodie bag plus a note (for those that I’m closer to) for them. Never used to do this at home. I think we just take people and things for granted at home. Plus, you’re more likely to meet them so not that much pressure of saying goodbye. Here though, I’ll prolly never meet these people again. So might as well. Just spend a bit to say bye. Prepped 12 full bags for now but I don’t know if it’ll be enough. Because I want to give it to my Chinese bible study group too but I don’t know how many people will actually come this week. I didn’t plan to give them so I bought too little now. Hmmm. Too few cards too. Bought some snacks/desserts for both groups though. Haven’t bought anything for my flatties yet. Grr I wish I could spend all my time prepping. I still have to study for one more paper.

Walked home, heavy laden through the rain (so sad). Came back to defrost mah chicken drumsticks and start cooking my rice which takes forever to cook. Popped the chicken in the oven to make soy sauce chicken. Took a shower while everything was cooking. Then boiled the veggies and made my egg souffle. Yum yum.

So now, my 12 goodie bags are packed and under my table and I keep kicking them cos I keep forgetting they’re there. Maybe I’ll switch the bags around so that I don’t keep kicking the same ones.

I have to try and bake something tomorrow because I want to give those. It’s still all up in the air because I don’t know if whatever it is I’m baking is presentable as a gift. The nutella/pb bread I was chugging was something I’d baked and it was so dense and dry that it’s taken to be a cake. I don’t think anyone else ate much of it so I ate a lot. Also cos it’s mine and if it’s not that good, let’s not make other people eat it haha. I like it enough to eat quite a lot of it.

And now my plate is empty and waiting to be washed, as is my mug of green tea. And I gotta catch some zzzs. So goodbye friends.

Didn’t study at all today. Well done you.


On Words

I feel that I’m losing myself, the voice I love so much, over things that shouldn’t matter as much as they should.

Perspective perspective. Go back and start again. Also,

Do you know you have so much power

That throws us all into a frenzy

You think too little of yourself

and yet too much

I feel completely incompetent to deal with the wordplay and the feelings behind them. I only do words in isolation, when there’s a chance it doesn’t matter. Like here. My own head space.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the one who stirs things. On that irrational selfish need to feel validated or better than someone else.

You know how when you watch a drama, there’s always this clueless character who makes things worse because he/she is sooo oblivious to what’s right and wrong to say? That’s me. The one with good intentions that get mangled up along the way, by his incompetency/foolishness or just by himself, his pride. The audience watching the drama would know exactly what’s going on and the effects of what he said/did (dat omniscient POV) and they’d yell at the screen in the vain hope that the characters would listen to them.

I feel like I need this kind of direction. I need direction from someone completely fair and removed. From someone who knows everything. From who knows what’s the right thing to do.

Dear God, please yell your instructions at me and please let me hear them so that I won’t do dumb stuff.

I know this isn’t about me. But I don’t like how at-a-loss I feel. Where’s the wisdom that comes from above?

How how. Can I take cover in silence?

Yet, I feel that is not my part.

Words words words. So important.

Yours is the most important.

My beloved brothers, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, for man’s anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires.

James 1:19-20 (Berean)

Like apples of gold in settings of silver
Is a word spoken in right circumstances.
Like in earring of gold and an ornament of fine gold
Is a wise reprover to a listening ear.

Proverbs 25:11-12 (NASB)

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Proverbs 15:1 (NIV)

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Thoughts on King Creole

I got wind of King Creole because I was doing some Carolyn research again and found out that she actually starred opposite the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley. I never really knew Elvis Presley’s work or songs. I mean I knew his musical style, his trademark hair, and all that that has become such an icon in pop culture, but I’d never watched him sing or perform before. So I had to watch this. King Creole would be the first time I would get acquainted with Elvis.

King Creole with Elvis Presley, Carolyn Jones and Dolores Hart

King Creole is about this guy Danny Fisher (Elvis Presley) trying to find himself. He works at the club called the King Creole as a singer against his dad’s wishes after finally dropping out of school, pitting himself against the most powerful man in the city, Maxine Fields (Walter Matthau). Fields owns most of the establishments in town and wanted Danny to work in his club but Danny said no to the bully, so Maxine was determined to make him pay. He gets into trouble with the city mobsters because he don’t take orders from no one and he’s a pretty good fighter so he can stand up for himself. Along the way, he gets involved with two women, the innocent girl-next-door type Nellie (played by Dolores Hart) and the darker, worldly Ronnie (Carolyn Jones).

Elvis with Dolores Hart (Nellie)
Elvis with Carolyn Jones (Ronnie)

I really liked the show, especially Elvis’ character. I thought he was really good at playing his role as the boy becoming man, wanting to be his own person independent of the mobsters and his father. Danny does make mistakes, to the point of his father disowning him and I dunno, I guess that makes him relatable, kind of. He was actually a good actor and I was really impressed. This was apparently Elvis’ favourite show and was the one last one he’d shot before he got hauled up to the army.

Elvis in the opening scene

Admittedly didn’t pay much attention to the songs cos I was too caught up in the story. Elvis is adorbs though. Really really liked his character. Much hawt.

Didn’t really get the Danny-Nellie chemistry. He’d met Nellie at the five and dime store where she worked and he had been in the middle of helping a bunch of hooligans steal stuff. He just strolled in singing with his guitar as a distraction and the very observant Nellie knew what his was up to and let him off. Guess she’s into the bad boy types. She was probably the kind of girl his father expected him to marry and raise a family with. He probably thought so too.

Lel he actually brought her to a hotel and everything and she was so lost at what was happening. When she kind of got it, she started tearing up, not because she was scared or angry, but I think because she was genuinely sad because she’d “liked him a lot” and I think she didn’t want it like that.

Nellie and Danny

So he apologised and brought her home lol and they went and planned to get married and everything. I was so thrown off. Like what was going on. Whot. Lol. I don’t get. I don’t get how it feels so gentlemanly. It’s such a strange thing to be gentlemanly about but he was. :/ Don’t know how to feel about this. Towards the end they kind of broke up. I called it.

Much preferred Danny and Ronnie. Loved them all the way~

Elvis Presley King Creole  1958

Ronnie: Maybe we’ll meet some place by accident.

Danny: Well you tell me where you think the accident will take place and I’ll make sure I’m there.

It wasn’t something I’d expect the dark, weather-beaten Ronnie to say. The hint of the woman inside who still has hope for a real love despite her hard life.

Lol lol. And I absolutely loved the ending scene. The lines ❤

Danny, I’m not proud. I haven’t got much pride left. I know what can be and what can’t be… But… do you think that… maybe for a little while, you could make it the way I dreamed of? That you could love me, and that my dream could come true?

It wouldn’t be hard to love you.

Then love me, Danny. Take a day out of your life and love me.

My gosh, the romantic in me is just dying. Melts. Like the way she speaks and delivers them. Carolyn has such a lovely way of speaking.

She always get these amazing lines, Carolyn, and I just love them. The lines in King Creole I still get. The really famous one that helped her get an Oscar nomination I don’t. It’s in this clip from The Bachelor Party at about 4.51.

Say you love me. You don’t have to mean it. 

Lel didn’t get what she was talking about her whole long rant since the start of the party and didn’t get that line either. Maybe I have to watch the show to get her character and stuff. But yas. Her lines.

Only thing I didn’t like about Ronnie was her hairstyle lol and how she was pretty much kept drunk in the movie. Her character was a little hard to get at the start, at least until she and Danny ran away.

Can I spoil the rest of King Creole? So after this romantic scene where they’d run off from town, Maxine finds them and tries to kill them (did I mention that Ronnie is Maxine’s ‘property’? She’s apparently a prostitute. Didn’t catch that one) and he ends up shooting Ronnie before shooting himself cos his crony turned on him. Ronnie dies just like that in Danny’s arms and it’s most tragic. 😦 So I was thinking of writing a one-shot fanfic on that. Just to let her and Danny live together for a while before she gets shot and killed.

That’s pretty much where King Creole ends and if you love old stuff, black and white and all that, watch this. 🙂 Black and white so sexy I cannot.

Of course, being the fangirl I am, I had to do a bit of stalking cos Elvis left such an impression on me. I felt like his character Danny wasn’t far from his real character. So.

I found this little snippet of an interview from someone who had a booklet of candids Elvis and Carolyn did on King Creole and there was this part where Carolyn was interviewed on Elvis.


What was it like working with Elvis Presley?

Oh, he was so young and innocent, and a dream to work with. He really placed himself into the role of Danny Fisher and was sensitive enough to convey the drama and nuances of his character.


We spent lots of time together in between scenes and off-camera too, and I so enjoyed being with him and how respectful and inquisitive he was about becoming a fine actor. You couldn’t help but feel his honesty and great talent. In fact we’d sit at the piano and sing ballads from the old days, and of course we sang “As Long As I Have You,” which in the movie was my theme song [“Ronnie’s Theme”]. He’d sing harmony with that beautiful baritone of his. He also played the piano quite well.

Years later I met Elvis, accidentally, in Hollywood where I was living. He was riding in a limousine and I was out walking my dog. He spotted me and pulled over. We went over to my home and sat out front talking about old times and his love for “King Creole.” After a while he grew melancholy and confided in me, “Carolyn, I’ve lost my way home.” It was heartbreaking as he had grown weary and disillusioned with what movies they legally forced him to make over the years.


We spoke awhile longer as his fondness for director Michael Curtiz [“Casablanca,” and “King Creole’] became more apparent. Curtiz believed Elvis was destined to become a great actor, but the Hollywood moguls had other plans in mind after he made “Flaming Star,” another excellent film of his. I’ll always remember Elvis with fondness and sentiment.” – Carolyn Jones (who played the prostitute, Ronnie, in their film together).

😥 Yea, it’s so sad. The showbiz. It made him do what he didn’t want to.

There was another interview with the actress who played Danny’s sister, Jan Shepherd, and she was recalling how Elvis gave her a teddy bear called Danny Boy for her birthday. ❤ He’d said that if he had a sister, he would have wanted it to be her. Then when she saw him a little later in his life, he’d changed. Less happy than he was in King Creole where he was always with people, singing and playing the guitar, having fun. Well, not anymore.

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Thoughts on my Childhood: Eloise at the Plaza and Spy Kids

On a happier note, I re-watched the Eloise movies, that is, Eloise at the Plaza and Eloise at Christmastime. Childhood please! 😀 ‘Twas such a feel good movie. I absolutely love kid shows hwahaha.


Sofia Vassilieva as the irrepressible Eloise

Apparently it’s a book and a cartoon which I am now very interested to read and watch but I do ❤ the movie.

Eloise is this rich kid (played by Sofia Vladimirovna Vassilieva) who lives permanently at the Plaza hotel in NY and spends her days pretty much doing kid stuff, ‘running’ the hotel and pretending to be important. This raises havoc among the hotel staff, mostly the i/c, Mr. Salomone.

The Plaza mostly indulges the 6 year old and the staff take the time to play pretend with her. I really like how the adults do this, how they take her into account and complement her adventures and her imagination. The concierge would make up messages of Very Important People requesting her presence here and there, which Eloise would decline with a sigh because of her ‘busy’ schedule and her waiter, Bill (Gavin Creel), would play his part perfectly, becoming a hearty pirate and letting the child beat him in sword fights or teaching her a bit of a piano duet. It’s such a Disney world where the adults are never cross with kids. Bubble wrapped reality.

Bill (Gavin Creel) teaching Eloise a song

Everyone needs a Bill I think. I should like a Bill.

Julie Andrews is in it too as Eloise’s English nanny who also finds love at the Plaza amidst caring for her mischievous little charge. She’s not that glam in this movie, in that she’s not playing queen (Princess Diaries) or a magical nanny (Mary Poppins). Just a proper normal nanny this time who loves Eloise, never looks down on her as a child and is always worn out by her.

Julie Andrews as Nanny

Every time Eloise throws her arms around Julie and says that she loves her, I’m just like “you lucky kid!!!”(cries). I love you too Julie ❤ Julie is bae please.

The theme of both movies are pretty much the same, say what you really want and don’t let other people’s expectations (in this case, mostly the domineering parent) run your life. There wasn’t really a villain per se in the first movie, unless you counted the parents, which worked well at allowing the kids to sort themselves out and get the courage to speak up to the one who loves them. Eloise spends her time in both movies playing the matchmaker, first for her tutor and then for Bill and his childhood sweetheart. She’s smart enough to set the grownups together and proves to be a very resourceful child.

I could see how Eloise’s character would set a bad example for children though. Sure, Eloise is really a kindred at heart, and wants to have her share of fun as a child. But she is admittedly a bit of a brat because she’s rich enough to have that luxury. I don’t mind, though. I like her character; her appeal is in that she can do and say exactly what she wants, as a very rich child whom has no ill intentions whatsoever. Which is prolly what a lot of people want. Can’t argue with that. I do wonder how she’d turn out if she couldn’t afford being bratty and getting her way whenever she wants. Can never see Eloise in the real world as a grown up. I guess that’s the point.

So that’s that. I had a lovely time with Eloise and I wished they’d made a third movie. There needs to be more of such movies. All the feel good vibes. If anyone has any recommends, please please let me know. 🙂 Thankss.

Re-watching the Spy Kids franchise too except the fourth one cos. That one was just. Nope.

The first Spy Kids movie
The second one
And the third

Spy Kids are literally about spies who are kids/kids who are spies. Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) find out that their parents were ex-agents/spies who have recently been activated for a mission. Unfortunately, they go missing (prolly rusty from retirement) and it falls to the kids to save them. From then on, they become properly initiated spies who go on missions.

To be honest, the Spy Kids movies aren’t that hot, but they were so cool when I was a kid. I had a thing for spies and gadgets and high-tech tree houses as my headquarters. An ardent fan of Totally Spies and Kim Possible so Spy Kids was a go-to. Plus I had a younger brother so our family stats fit with the Cortezes. You have no idea how much I wanted to be Carmen. She was so cool, Kim Possible brought to life. Don’t think I’m the only one too.

Dang Carmen such a cool kid

Also, Antonio Banderas was in it. I mostly watch for Antonio. He’s the hottest thing in Spy Kids I swear. ❤

Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino as the parents (SK1)

Carla was hot too. Reference to all the cool ‘serious’ spy movies. Except they’re married, not sleeping around (cough James Bond cough). Kudos for you, Spy Kids.


I was quite impressed at how the movies portrayed the children, the younger of the Spy Kids, namely, Juni and Gerti, as well as the President’s daughter. Like, the way they spoke was so adult. Not to say they didn’t have their childish sides. But they were also cool in the adult way, sometimes even more than their older sibs (Gary Giggles and Carmen). When Juni was trying to get the President’s daughter down from the malfunctioning theme park ride, or asking her for a dance at the OSS dinner, the kids were all so eloquent, like mini-adults. It’s so endearing. Taylor Momsen played the President’s daughter and I thought she and Juni were pretty cute.

Taylor Momsen as the President’s daughter (SK3)

Juni’s other love interest was Demetra (Courtney Jines) in the third movie, the deceiver in the game that they were supposed to shut down. She was another cool kid and she reminded me of a badass version of Kairi from KH.

Courtney Jines as Demetra (SK3)

How do they find all these cool kids. Seriousleh.

I don’t know if it’s a thing for kids to be so mature like that or it’s just me, that I was even more of a child than I am now. Can’t remember life when I was 6. I remembered life when I was 7 though, because my form teacher instilled that fear in my and I had to be aware to survive. Meaning I pretended to be sick and skipped school sometimes. For my sanity please.

Also didn’t know why Carmen was so into Gary who was basically Juni’s arch enemy for the whole second movie. I don’t think I would ever crush on someone who picks on my bro. Like, who you think you are you meanie. Boo.

And the whole Fooglies transformation was really scary for me. Shudder.

Spy Kids wasn’t the smoothest movie. It relied a lot on the green screen and special effects, which was a little sketchy with the technology of the time. But I watched it for the gimmicks, the really good looking actors and the child appeal. I have a thing for the child appeal. Cos. Child at heart, forever and always. It’s a cool concept, methinks.

I don’t suppose I had many constructive/insightful thoughts here lol but these are just some of my feel good kid movie responses (not even a review methinks). Just wanted to put it out there cos I did like them. So. Yay.



Thoughts on War and Beauty

So I’ve been watching a few dramas and movies lately, like an episode for every meal, to de-stress and to keep my sanity while I study. Among them is the HK TVB drama, War and Beauty which I’d been meaning to watch for a while. Yes, I know it’s old, and I watched bits and pieces of it before. But I never got to sit through it because it was always aired at 10 or 11 at night and being a child then, it was way past my bedtime. Could only catch glimpses.

War and  Beauty 金枝慾孽

It’s a typical harem drama, concubines vying for the emperor’s favour and all that sort of jazz. Quite a few big stars here.

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As it is

Hello you~

My WP so outdatedd. Sigh.

I was going to make a video montage about my time here cos it’s so bootiful and have so enjoyed my time here buttt I didn’t pack my vid cam and my phone is forever running out of storage space in the cloud so. Obstacles. I did try though, but the video always has the walk-shake, you know, the juddering that happens when you walk. Very headache inducing.

I’ve finished two of my exams thus far. My next exam is in something like two weeks. So I have this awkward gap to prep and stuff which is good because I haven’t started on it at all but I can’t let loose and partayee just yet. Which I’m really in the mood for about now. Much annoyed. Grr.

I finished my drama exam, wrote about how language affects performance in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus. I also wrote about the elements of truth and fiction in a couple of my texts, namely Beckett’s Endgame and Caryl Churchill’s Far Away. Something about how fictional scenarios reveals truths of human nature that we might never know in our current reality. Then again, the constructed truth is subjective. It is the individual playwright’s truth, after all. I thought I wrote pretty ok for the exam but I finished half an hour earlier than the end time which never happens back home so I’m a bit worried as to whether I wrote enough. :/

I realized I never did the whole review stuff I used to do whenever I conquered any literary milestones. I should get back into it. I liked those. I so need to review these works lel cos I never thought I’d appreciate something so sparse and modern like Far Away. I usually like stuff like Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, stuff that’s more traditionally full and arched, just on the brink of the Beckett kind of modern (which is honestly too much for me). It still addresses modern ideas, in Ibsen’s case, gender constructions, so that was lovely and I did like that one. Going to write on that.

Also finished the Broadway exam today. It was an mcq affair which scared me a little because you either got it right or wrong, there wouldn’t be marks for effort, unlike, say, essay exams. I just re-did the past year questions over and over again and they all came out for the real thing so yay. Passed that one so that’s a quarter of my academic burden off my back. I was almost late for it because I had been too lazy to find the exact venue. I knew roughly where it was but I just couldn’t find the place and I was panicking and stuff. Made it something like ten minutes before it started. Much adrenaline please.

Finished my two essays on my New Testament course too. No final exams for that. So that’s three out of four of my courses done. One to go.

So while I study for my last paper, I’m planning a sort of baking marathon along with the mugging haha cos the people on Youtube make it look so darn easy! Ordered loads of flour and choc chips. 🙂 Looking to bake donuts, puddings, cookies and breads! I luv mah carbs.

Three to four weeks before I head home! Looking forward to chilling with mah homies. My folks are going to be popping over for a bit. We’re going to travel to the big city, London, and heading to a day trip to Manchester to catch up with friends. 🙂 Booked an Airbnb in London and it’s will be my first Airbnb experience. Hope it all turns out well and we get a nice host and everything, that the house will be fairly comfortable and all. Such a risk taker.

I’ve been watching a lot of shows lately and I was just going to write about them here but there really is too much so I’m actually going to do them up properly by shows.

Which brings us to a weird place to end off. That’s the problem when I do life updates. I’d really have preferred writing in themes but ain’t nobody got time for that.